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We arrived at Mega. You go in on the ground floor, where there are some miscellaneous stores and you take the escalator up to the second floor, where the grocery store is. There is a thing that takes your cart down when you are done.

We walked through the whole store. First the bakery, where there was all kinds of yummy looking stuff that was out on trays and NOT refrigerated and looked like the kind of stuff that should be refrigerated.

I mean, ham and cheese sandwiches, really?

Napoleons and Operas, both made with cream fillings.

And eggs…no refridgerators.

Do you know what IS refrigerated?

Yea, that’s right, the beer. Of course, not ALL of it is refrigerated. There’s too much.

I took this picture for Zung because he really likes Victoria beer and it was just kind of sitting there.

I guess my picture-taking attracted the attention of one of the people who worked there because this woman came up to Steve and they conversed in Spanish and he told me she wanted to know if we needed help with anything. He assured her we were just looking around.  She was probably thinking, “weird tourists.”

They have some different flavors of soda than we have in the US.

Apple (sabor manzana) and strawberry (fresa).

Sangria, which the Google translator says is bleeding or phlebotomy – ewwww!

I got a real chuckle out of the “Bimbo” white bread.

The milk (leche) is in aseptic containers and not refrigerated. (I know, I’m really obsessing over this refrigeration issue).

All the employees were wearing back braces, which made this sight particularly funny

Ummm, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be OSHA (Occuptional Safety and Health Administration) approved in the US. I look at that now and just shudder. Guess she’s wearing the back brace so she won’t hurt her back if she falls off that cart.

When I am not being a beach bum, I am a lactation consultant in my real life and wanted to take a look at the formula. We asked (well, Steve asked) where the baby stuff was and they sent us to one area where there was lots of cereal and some toddler formulas, but no infant formula.

Interestingly, the infant formula was in a separate section over by the pharmacy.

There were also bottles and a less-than-awesome breastpump.

That was the end of my tour. It was very, very interesting. Thanks Steve for fulfilling a years long desire of mine.

Then we were off to the beach for lunch and drinks.


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  1. I am going in three weeks to Paraiso and I came across your blog. I’ve practically read everything since the beginning and I just want to tell you that I loove it. I am Mexican American living in Chicago and let me tell you the Sangria is great. And I do also think the whole not being the refrigerator is weird but since Zung does like Victoria, has he bought it now that it is sold here now?

    1. Have an awesome time there! Zung loves that he can get the Victoria now. He always has some in the fridge.

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