Saying good-bye to Lounge Chair

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Karen got up at 4 am and was gone within the hour. She had to get home to her husband and three dogs. The one dog is in the process of becoming a star and she had training to do. He’s a white basset hound with blue eyes and his name is Paul Newman. He’s her favorite, but don’t tell the other dogs. Paul Newman is so famous, he has his own website and his own blog. Check them out at

This was Karen’s and my second girl’s trip. Last year we went to Florida for her 50th birthday. We were already talking about what to do next year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so grateful to have her back in my life again.

The bell boy came to get her bag and off she went.

After she left I went back to sleep. It was too freakin’ early to get up. I didn’t sleep in though. I was up early enough to get some sun recently risen pictures.

It was a truly glorious day. Probably the nicest of my stay. It was warm and sunny and the kind of day that makes it really hard to leave.

I finished packing and headed off to Bella Vista for some breakfast.  I can’t remember who my waiter was, but he did a great job and I only missed Alex a little bit. After breakfast I headed off to the beach. I had a good-bye to say.

He was there, waiting and ready for me.

He looked so comfy and it was such a nice day, I was tempted to just spend the rest of my time with him. However, I had made plans, and it would be rude to cancel at the          last-minute. I sat down on lounge chair and told him how much I had enjoyed our time together, but it was time for me to leave.

He didn’t take it well. First he accused me of going off to spend time with another lounge chair.

No, no, I said. You are my true and only lounge chair. But I have to go. It’s time for me to go back to my real life (I figured I would just leave out the part about spending the afternoon with a friend).

He begged me to stay.

I could see it wasn’t going to be easy and thought it best to just say good-bye and leave. He tried to come after me.

But he couldn’t of course. He is a lounge chair after all.

As I walked away I called back, “I’ll try to come back soon. Don’t forget me.” It was hard to see him falling apart like that though.

(I really wonder what the lady behind me thought of all my lounge chair posings and pictures. LOL).

I headed back to the room and the bell boy came and got my bag. I checked out at the front desk and then went over to the lobby bar. After that difficult good-bye, I needed a mimosa. Or two. If Steve had been late picking me up, it might have turned in to three.

Steve lives in Playa del Carmen and has for the last 20 years. We “met” on the forum where he goes by the screen name “Snappysammy”. He works at Angel Notion, which is a health clinic that serves the underserved in the area. It was started by Lavonna Redman. It is actually more than just a clinic. They do amazing things there. To find out more check out their website:

This was actually the first time I would be meeting Steve in person. He was going to pick me up and take me to Playa. We were going to have lunch, hopefully meet up with Lavonna and then he would take me to the airport.

He arrived right about 10 am, saving me from a third mimosa. One thing I had managed to pack in my trusty carry-on was 15 bottles of baby aspirin, which is one of the things Angel Notion is in need of for the cardio kids. I handed these over to Steve. He put my bag in his trunk and then we were pulling away from the Grand and away from the Iberostar complex.

Steve suggested we go to the beach for a drink. I had something else that I wanted to do. Something that I had wanted to do for a long time. I wanted to go to a Mexican grocery store. It may have been one of the odder requests from a tourist that Steve ever got. But he humored me and took me to Mega. I may not have taken a lot of pictures of food while I was at the Grand, but I made up for it at Mega. That will all be in my next post.


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