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Karen and I put on our prettiest dresses and our bestest shoes (well, not really the bestest, but pretty damned good). If you read my trip report from our vow renewal, you may remember that Karen had a wardrobe malfunction right before the ceremony. When she put on her dress the zipper broke. She ended up wearing something else and I took the broken dress home with me and fixed the zipper and she wore it tonight.

The shoes I am wearing are the shoes in my avatar. I took the avatar picture on the rocks in front of the Grand beach when we were here in August. Well, technically, Zung took the picture.

We went to Venecia, the Italian restaurant. I was excited to see Eduardo. We had gotten to know him on our last trip in October, and I had not seen him yet this time. Unfortunately, I forgot that Saturday is his day off and he was not there. We had a good waiter, and the maitre de gave us a lot of attention as well. I told him I was very sorry to have missed Eduardo.

Karen had really liked the Antonio Banderas Tempranillo we’d had the night before and she asked if she could get a bottle of that. The maitre de was taking our wine order and he went off and came back with the WINE LIST!

This was the reds. The requested Tempranillo is right at the top.

The whites.

This was the list for the all-inclusive wines. I did not take pictures of the pay extra wines. I was really surprised to see the wine list because there has been much buzz on the forums that they didn’t have a wine list and I had emailed the hotel before our trip asking about it and was told they were in the process of changing it.

I found it a bit amusing that the previous nights when we asked about wines they just told us what was available and this night, when we requested a very specific wine, they brought the wine list.

We confirmed that we wanted the Antonio Banderas Tempranillo. The maitre de went off to get it for us. Karen called Alejandra, the hostess, over, and asked what the deal was with the wine list, why did they have it here and not at the other restaurants. Alejandra said they were changing it and not all the wines on it were available and most waiters preferred to just tell people what was available. Probably because some people throw hissy fits if they request a wine that is not available. My Playa del Carmen forum reading has brought me to the conclusion that some people are really high maintainence.  They would probably feel much better if they had a cucumber mojito. Or a regular mojito. Or a couple of glasses of some wine.

We ordered our dinner. Karen ordered the calamari, the lobster lasagne and the lamb. I got the fettucini. All was decent. I may have ordered an appetizer. It may have been the salmon carpaccio. I just really can’t remember. Sorry. Next time I will take pictures and notes.

After dinner we went to the lobby so I could exchange some money. I took a picture of all the awards the Grand has won.

While we were there they had a party for the staff because the Grand had recently been declared the best All-Inclusive IN THE WORLD by Trip Advisor. Now that is pretty damn impressive.

We headed over to the lobby bar. Since Daniel wasn’t there, we decided to sit at a table. Remember how Daniel had introduced me to Juan, the bartender that would be working the bar on his day off? Juan came over to our table (usually the waitresses service the tables) and said, “A cucumber mojito? And a Havana Siete on ice?” I was quite impressed that Daniel had done such a good job of communicating our drinks of choice and that Juan was making sure we were taken care of. But, you know, that’s just how they roll at the Grand. You don’t get to be number one in the world by slacking.

Ahleli came by to say hello. She had two glasses of champagne, so we took a fun picture with them.

Karen and I kept it to one drink and then  went back to the room so she could pack. We turned in early because, as I mentioned before, she was leaving obscenely early. She requested a wake up call at 4 Freakin’ AM.

She would be leaving early and I decided that rather than spend lonely time on the beach by myself, I would meet up with one of my internet buddies and spend some time in Playa. I would also do something I had wanted to do in Mexico for a long time, but never have. Many pictures to come of that adventure!


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