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Before Karen and I went to sleep we filled out the breakfast room service card and put it on our door. Alex wouldn’t be at Bella Vista so I thought I may as well enjoy some room service for breaky. We asked for it to be delivered at 8 am. That is indeed when they delivered it.

We enjoyed the view while we had our breakfast. What a view it is.

Karen had just ordered coffee and juice, while I had ordered the continental breakfast with tea. Karen looked in the pots and complained they hadn’t sent any coffee. I called and explained the error. They quickly sent up a pot of coffee. When I went to pour the water for my second cup of tea I realized Karen had been wrong and they had originally sent a pot of coffee. I almost ended up trying to make tea with coffee!

With my tummy full I went off to the beach and Karen went off to check out the exercise room at the spa. She then walked over to the big spa at the shopping center and walked around the water thing in the courtyard in the center of the spa. She said it was very therapeutic feeling for her bum knee.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was sunny AND warm. A day like this is why people come to Mexico in January. I tried to make myself useful and took a couple of pictures. This picture shows some of the rocky area in front of the Grand.

This is in front of Building 71. If you are looking at the ocean this is what you will see to the right.

Look at the rocky area in the middle of the picture. If you go just past that area of rocks you come to a very nice area to swim. There is rarely seaweed there and the water is nice and clear and rock free. A lot of people will say in their reviews of the Grand that the beach is rocky and you can’t swim in the ocean because of the rocks. The truth is there are some areas you can’t swim in and you may have to walk a minute or two or even three to get to some good swimmable water. It helps burn off the calories from all those drinks Humberto is bringing you…or me.

Here I am expressing that Humberto is the best beach waiter, Numero Uno!

Karen arrived (she took the picture above). There was a large group of people near us that were quite noisy. The group appeared to be made up of several couples. The women were all talking and the guys were playing football (and cheering as men do when they play football). They were having a good time. They were also making a lot of noise and ruining my vacation zen. I wanted to tell them to go up to the family section if they were going to make all that noise. Of course, I did no such thing. But seriously, did they have to be so loud while they were on the beach? Don’t they know the loud people go to the pool?

When Karen and I grew weary of the noise we headed off to lunch. It was an amazing lunch. First we got the seafood selection appetizer at the buffet. This is a mini version of what they serve at Toni’s Surf and Turf.


Karen thought it might have a lot of calories, so I showed her how to get rid of them.

It is a well-known fact that calories are afraid of heights and if you put them high enough they will jump out. With the calories gone, Karen ate it without worry.

They were having a special dish that they cooked outside in big paella like pan, but it wasn’t paella. It was some shrimp and veggie dish that was delicious. Possible the most delicious thing I ate the whole trip. It was some serious yum.

Karen got shrimp fajitas in honor of Zung, who could not be there to eat them himself.

Since it was our last lunch together for the vacation we HAD to get french fries, which were also delicious.


As we munched on our delicious food we noticed a table where there was a woman and two men. They were wearing civilian clothes (as opposed to beach clothes). For some reason they drew Karen’s attention and she asked the hostess who they were. It was the owner’s daughter, the general manager and someone else. Karen thought I should go over and tell them about my blog.

Yea, I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. (I did take a picture of her, but didn’t think it appropriate to post it).

After lunch we went back out to the beach to enjoy the truly magnificent day that it was. Wonder of wonders, the noisy people were gone. They had ordered food though and the birds swooped in for the remnants. It was quite the frenzy.


"I think they are done with this, don't you?"



"Do you think they'd mind if I..."
"Yo, guys! There's food over here."


The rest of the afternoon was spent in the usual way. Talking and drinking. Drinking and talking. The spa might have been involved as well.

Karen would be leaving obscenely early tomorrow morning, so all that was left was dinner and the lobby bar. I wasn’t sure how much drinking I would be doing though. My tummy was starting to say, “Enough already!”



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