Ice, wine and Toni’s Surf and Turf

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Sorry I’ve been MIA. I usually try to post on Sundays and I confess the Oscars distracted me. But, I’m baaaaccckkkk! With more excellent adventures of Andrea and Karen.

Dressed to kill (or at least stun), Karen and I headed for Toni’s Surf and Turf. Alberto, our butler saw us and asked how everything was, if there was anything we needed, and then he asked, “Do you want ice in your room at a certain time?” Karen was busted! He had seen her getting her own ice and he didn’t want her getting her own ice and he explained that it made him feel like he was not doing his job if she was getting her own ice. When Alberto is our butler (we’d had him when we were here in August 2010) we see him every time we leave the room. I’m not sure how he does it, but he is always around asking if there is anything we need.

After establishing that Alberto really wants to bring our ice or anything else we want, Karen and I were off to Tony’s. We noticed a largish group of men at the bottom of the stairs and figured it must be some kind of work trip. I don’t think the Grand is the type of place a bunch of guys would go to otherwise. I may be stereotyping, but there it is.

When we checked in at dinner there was the inevitable moments of confusion because our reservations were not attached to a room number since I had made them before we arrived and they apparently never went back and filled in the room number. I helped her find it on her list and asked if we could sit in Karim’s section.

We were seated and Karim came over and said hello and asked what would we like to drink. We were of course given water and offered bread (passed on that). Karen asked for some champagne and I asked what kind of red wine was available. I was still investigating the wine situation. Karim gave me a verbal list of many different red wines, types and countries. It was way more than had been offered the previous night at the Gourmet restaurant. I asked if he had a Tempranillo, thinking they would probably not have a Tempranillo, since it’s not a very common red wine (like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir). Well, they did indeed have a Tempranillo. It was an Antonio Banderas wine and it was quite good. Karen is not a big red wine drinker and she REALLY liked it.

We ordered. I got a Caesar Salad, which is actually listed under side dishes, but I requested it as an appetizer. It used to be just a few lettuce leaves with dressing drizzled over it. They have stepped up the presentation quite a bit. Now it’s in this parmesan crisp bowl-like thing. (I didn’t eat the anchovy – yuck).

Karen got the seafood selection. Just FYI – it is cold. Some people are expecting it to be warm. See how informative my blog is? Karen said it was yummy.

For our main course I told Karen I was going to order the aracherra with a lobster tail. It’s not on the menu, but I thought they would do it for me. She said she wanted that too. Karim said no problem. I ordered my steak medium rare and Karen wanted rare. I warned her that might not be too good with arrachera. But she didn’t listen. I also asked for a side of pureed potatoes (actually they are just mashed potatoes) and asparagus.

I really enjoyed it. Karen, not so much. She said it was too tough and she couldn’t chew it, which I think was because it was too rare. I tried to warn her. But did she listen? Noooooo.

She said she wished she’d ordered the filet and I told her I was sure Karim would bring her a filet, but she wouldn’t ask him. I ate all my lobster and about half my steak and she finished my steak.

Karim took our picture.

And then he brought us some dessert to share. This is the soft chocolate and hazelnut cake. It has a warm, liquid center.

It is always awesome to see Karim. We have seen him since our first time at the Grand when he worked at the Italian restaurant. (Posting this picture is a testament to how awesome I think Karim is because it sure isn’t a flattering picture of me. LOL.)

Our tummy’s full, we were off to the lobby bar. Daniel was waiting. There would be music and men. We would do something I had never done before. Wink, wink.

(I took some video of this couple dancing there and am going to try to figure out how to do a link so you can see it. They were amazing).


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  1. Welcome back! I’ve missed reading about your awesome adventures. 🙂

    We leave for the Lindo in exactly 10 days and your blog is revving me up to go! Can’t wait!

  2. I posted again today. Don’t get spoiled now. Just getting back on schedule.

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