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Karen and I woke up and she headed off to exercise and I headed off to breakfast at the buffet with Alex. Today was the last day I would see Alex since he was leaving for vacation. He brought me my tea and I again kept my breakfast simple. I told Alex I’d see him at lunch.

I made my way to the beach, where it was finally sunny.

Humberto was there soon after I got settled in with Lounge Chair. I did not tell him I’d spent the previous evening with Bar Stool. I mean I didn’t tell Lounge Chair, not Humberto. Humberto would surely think I was looney toons if I shared this information with him. He probably already thinks I’m a little bit looney toons. Or maybe he just thinks I’m another “tipsy” lady on vacation who knows that vacation is the only time you can order a Mudslide at 10 in the morning. Which I did.


Mudslides are like yummy, potent, adult milkshakes. I don’t like sweet drinks and Mudslides are not overly sweet. I will credit the awesome Carlos with introducing me to Mudslides.

Karen showed up and we hung out in the sun for a while. I had promised someone beach attire pictures, so I had Karen take one of the bikini of the day. I am trying to suck in my tummy, but I don’t think I achieved the effect I was going for – which was slim 50 year old, I just look like 50 year old sucking in her gut.

We took a picture of Humberto being awesome at his job.

We headed off to Las Brisa for lunch. We asked to sit in Alex’s section, but his section was full. He saw us though and said one of his tables was just about to leave, so we waited a few minutes and then were seated. I was really glad to get to have him as our waiter one last time this trip. But for the life of me, I can’t remember what we ate. No pictures to jog my memory either. For sure I had Havana and Coke to drink. And you’ve seen enough of those pictures.

I gave Alex a hug and wished him a good vacation and told him I would see him next time. Because we ALL know there will be a next time.

Back at the beach we had some more drinks. The sun made it warmer, but it was still not warm and soon we conceded that it wasn’t that comfortable to be hanging around outside in bathing suits. Off to the spa we went.

This is the thing that bubbles up like crazy from the bottom. Not exactly a sufficient substitute for a vacation without a husband, but it would have to do.

This next picture is not the most flattering of me, but Karen thought I looked pretty funny and she is less than happy about some of the pictures I have posted of her, so this is my repentance picture. She said I reminded her of Spanky from Our Gang.

Done with the spa, we returned to our room. Earlier I had pointed out the ice machine room to Karen. She said, “I can get my own ice?” She liked the idea of that and off she went to get ice. She was spotted by Alberto, the butler. He was not at all pleased that she was getting her own ice.

Karen and I got ready for dinner. She wore her wine colored dress and purple shoes that I had given her for Christmas (well, what else would I give her?) and I wore a black pencil skirt with a red ruffle top and my Fabulous (blue) Fendis. Karen told me she wasn’t quite sure she would have paired those colors together, but we established my fashion expertise and that was the end of that discussion.

The shoes never made it into any pictures, so I will have to resort to posting a picture from a previous trip. This was taken in the lobby of the Grand and they truly are fabulous and everybody should get to see them.

It makes my heart beat faster just to look at that picture (it was taken on Zung’s and my February ’09 trip – where I got my Playa groove back after the heart attack trip). The shoes have a history with Karen.

As some of you know from previous posts, Karen and I have known each other since we were 6 years old (actually, I was 5 when we met). We were best friends in high school and she was my maid of honor when Zung and I got married. We had a hiatus in our friendship for 23 years. We didn’t have a falling out, just came to be at different stages in our lives. Karen called me out of the blue 2 years ago. She was in Colorado and we had lunch and a few conversations on the phone. A month later I was near New York City and we spent the day together, doing, what else, SHOPPING. The first place she took me (because I made it clear I liked shoes) was Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks in NYC has a shoe department which has its own zip code. It’s true.

We were there for hours. We walked through and checked out all the shoes – talking the whole time (we had 23 years to catch up on). Then we went to the other floor that had shoes, checked out those. They were not as fabulous, so we went back to 10022 and walked through AGAIN. This time I picked up the ones I wanted to try. John, the Saks Shoe Salesdude got me all the shoes to try on. It came down to the Fabulous Fendis and a pair of flat (GASP! Yes, they were flats) Ferragamo’s. For a split second I considered buying both (strange things happen to you when you are in the shoe section of Saks in NYC), and decided that might give Zung another heart attack. The Fendi’s won out. Of course they did. I handed over my Visa card and John took it in the back to run it.

Well, I have a very on the ball bank and they had noticed that there had been an increase in activity in first Philadelphia (where I was staying) and now a BIG charge in NYC. So they denied the charge. Really?! I’m buying $$$ shoes at Saks and you are denying the charge. Do you know how embarrassing that is? I pulled out my cell phone and called the number on the back of the card, answered their questions so they knew it was me making the purchase and then handed the card back to John (I didn’t use another card because I didn’t want him to think I was a poser) and the charge went through. I was having the shoes shipped to Colorado so I didn’t have to carry them around all day (because we DID shop all day).

We shopped and talked and had a very long lunch at the MOMA restaurant and shopped some more and then had dinner at another restaurant and then I was back on the train, our (re-)bonding pretty much complete.

And THAT is the story behind my Fabulous Fendi’s and Karen.

Dinner would be at Toni’s Surf and Turf with Karim and then there would be the pack of guys surrounding us at the Lobby bar. So, really, you HAVE to check back to read about all that!


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  1. No pressure Andrea but I’m suffering from your Blog withdrawl….. When are you going to come back and post more stories of your adventures? You’re killing me with your silence 🙂

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