Boom Booms and Bike Tours

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Before I write my entry today, I have to say the last two days have been absolutely amazing in terms of how many views my blog has received. Yesterday (February 15) was an all time high of 636! And on February 14th it was 539. Either there are a lot of people checking about my adventures (can it be called an adventure if you do the same thing again and again?) or the same people are checking obsessively if I have written a new post. Either way, it’s exciting seeing those kinds of numbers. Zung worries that I get addicted to such high numbers and then am disappointed when it drops down to 100 or less. What can I say? I think we can all agree, I’m a high maintainance chica. If I get sad, though, there’s always a new pair of shoes waiting to be bought to make me happy.

Back to my trip report!

When we arrived at Las Brisa we requested to sit in Alex’s section. I am nothing if not loyal. He was there, right away, with his lovely smile, taking our drink order. I, of course, ordered a Havana and Coke. Karen ordered a Havana Siete with ice. I think the ice dilutes the rum and she thinks the coke dilutes the rum.

I ordered the tournedos with french fries. I told Alex to make sure they were fresh and hot.  I think Karen may have ordered the grilled shrimp or lobster. I didn’t take a picture and it’s been a whole three weeks since then, so I can’t remember (note to self: always take pictures of all food and drink to help with trip reports).

While we waited for our food, we checked out the buffet and chose a few bites to get us in the mood.

My tournedos was delish and the fries were to die for. I must have been too busy eating  to take a picture. That was definitely one of the major downsides of not having Zung there. He’s the prime photographer and I just did not step up the way I needed to. Karen didn’t even have her camera, so she was no help (she wasn’t slacking, it was broken).

We ate and talked and drank and talked. There was no warmth and sun calling us back to our lounge chairs, so we were in no hurry (shhh, don’t tell my lounge chair I said that, he would be crushed).

I asked Alex to bring us  a couple of Tequila Boom Booms.

Karen went first.

(Sorry Karen, that picture is just too funny not to post).

Karen met the challenge.

Me, not so much. I couldn’t handle the whole shot.

Half of it ended up on Alex’s napkin. He was still my friend though.

I was embarrassed at being such a light weight.

We went back to our lounge chairs. The weather still sucked. I was huddled under a towel until we threw in the towel and went to the spa. The big pool was nice and bath water warm and the hot tubs were even warmer.

Karen didn’t want her hair to get wet, so she put her hat on. This is a great picture of her.


Karen decided we should go for the afternoon bike tour. I am sure I whined and complained and stalled. It sounded an awful lot like exercise to me.

And, one more time, I DON’T EXERCISE ON VACATION.

She was going with or without me, so I grudgingly agreed. I had, in fact, said I had always wanted to do the bike tour. I even said it when we arrived the day before and saw other people on the bike tour. What is wrong with me???? Some people take you seriously when you say those things.

The bike tour meets in the port cochere by the lobby. There were three other guests and a Star Friend who would lead us. We had to sign a waiver (which I signed and didn’t read – it can’t have been too legally binding because she let me sign for Karen, whom I have no legal relation to and therefore no legal right to sign away her rights). She took us down to the garage underneath to get the bikes. I had no idea there was a garage underneath.

We all were matched up with bikes. I thought mine was a tad big for me, but I knew more whining was coming, so I kept that complaint to myself. There was a big uphill out of the underground garage to begin with. Oh yea, this is gonna be just buckets of fun. Big groan.

Let the whining begin!

My legs hurt, my hand hurts, oh my god – I’m gonna run into that car, get out of my way, can’t you see I am out of control here?

Amazingly, I managed to do the whole 45 minute bike ride without crashing into anything or anybody. Truth be told, it was a great day to do a bike ride. It was cool and since they weren’t stopping at any bars, that was important. Actually, they did stop at one bar – the health bar at the main spa. The tour takes you by the front of all the hotels and down into the Beach/Del Mar grounds. The Star Friend leader says, ‘This is the Maya hotel, this is the Lindo hotel, this is the..” well, you get the idea.

She stopped at the shopping center and we went into the spa and we got waters from the bar and they gave us a tour of the wet areas. This includes a room with different types of jacuzzi’s (they are all just bubbly tubs to me), different types of therapeutic showers, the big pool with the giant faucets like at the Grand and an outside area that had stone and concrete loungers that look like torture chairs to me and a pebble path that you walk in that has water sprayers that hit your calves and then water to walk through and it’s all supposed to be therapeutic. Karen would check it out another day and said it was awesome.

The Star Friend walked us around the shopping center, pointing out the disco and restaurants. There is a shop there that makes cowboy boots of all different kinds and Karen tried hard to convince me that I need an authentic pair of cowboy boots. I don’t know. I told her I would consider it. I have some pink, suede slouchy cowboy boots, but no authentic ones. Anyone want to weigh in on whether my shoe closet needs a pair?

We finally arrived back at the Grand, much to me and my legs relief.

It was time to go back to our room and get ready for dinner.

But wait! What’s that? Why, it’s the jewelry store. There are sparkly things in there. I like sparkly things. And there is my friend, the guy who works there, who has sold me a couple lovely pieces of jewelry at decent prices. Why, it would be rude not to go in and say hi.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Next up: “Really, you want me to leave here wearing it? Before I’ve decided to buy it?”



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  1. Just want to say your page is a lot of fun. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever go to the Grand but I love trip reports, and yours are a hoot. Thanks for sharing!

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