Unpacking (a clown suitcase story) and our first butler encounter

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It’s Superbowl Sunday and I’m Zung’s Superbowl buddy. Which means I need to find something to do between the commercials. Which means a new trip report posting!

The bell boy took us down what I think of as “the great hall”.

There’s a slight incline, which can be challenging in high heels after a night at the bar. But, again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Right after we went through the great hall we took the elevator to the left up to the 2nd (top) floor and went down the hall to the left. Our room was almost at the very end of the hall. It is probably further away from everything than any room I have ever had. It was Room 7340. It had two double beds. It was the same size as a room with a king bed and the result is there is very little room between the beds and the walls. Everything else about the room is the same as a king room. If you would like to see pictures of the room there are many from my October trip.

The bell boy deposited our luggage, asked if we needed anything else from him, we said no, we tipped him and he left.

You all have seen my full suitcase. It was nothing compared to Karen’s. She fit 6 purses and 6 pairs of shoes in addition to her clothes. I swear it was almost bottomless.

The clothes just kept on coming out. That girl showed me that I hadn’t even begun to tap into the potential capacity of my carry on. She saved the best for last, and I must say, Karen has really stepped up her game in terms of shoes. The girl did me proud.

She brought four beach cover-ups!!!!

Finally, she was done unpacking. (It had taken me no time at all because I had foolishly thought a carry on meant you had to limit what you bring. I now realize it just means you have to sit on it to zip it up).

Once unpacked we went out to sit on the balcony and perform that most important of rituals, the ceremonial removal of the watch (or the CROTW for those that know and love my trip reports).

Karen and I sat on the balcony, enjoying being in Mexico and with each other. We only get to see each other a couple times a year, so we have a lot of talking to do.

We heard a knock on the door and it was our butler, Rene. We were ready for him with our list of requests. Down pillows, a bottle of Havana Club, a bottle of Absolut. Karen wanted some fruit to make infused vodka (there was a long discussion about that).  There had been a couple of golf shirts in the room for us and we wanted different sizes because we wanted to give them to our poor husbands who got left at home.

And we wanted dinner reservations. It was Wednesday night, which is the night they have the International buffet. I had gone to this in October and I am just not that into buffets for dinner and it had not changed my mind. When I had emailed the hotel with dinner reservation requests they had said they don’t make reservations for Wednesday or Sunday (the Mexican buffet) because they don’t know if any of the ala carte restaurants will be open. It depends on occupancy. It turned out that they were all open, but they stopped taking reservations at 5:00, and it was a little after 6pm. They could check if there was any availability once the restaurants opened at 6:30. We asked for the Japanese restaurant at 8:30. We also asked for ice. He took our bucket and left.

We ordered chips and guac from room service and that was brought quickly, along with our rum and vodka and Karen’s fruit.

Rene had still not returned with our ice bucket, so we asked the room service guy for some ice.

Truth be told, I was impatient and since I had cold coke I made a rum and coke without the ice.

The room service guy soon returned with a huge bucket of ice.

Karen mashed up the fruit with some vodka. We ate the chips and guac (yummy). Rene still had not come back and it was after 6:30, so I called the concierge to ask about our dinner reservations. She said we were in at the Japanese (Haiku) at 8:30, as we had requested.

As soon as I hung up the phone, Rene was knocking at our door. He had pillows and our ice bucket and our dinner reservations and some shirts for us to choose from. They didn’t have a great selection of sizes, but we figured it out. Karen made Rene try the infused vodka. Then he left us to our alcohol and conversation.

We felt like we were off to a good start on our girl’s getaway. We still had dinner and cucumber mojitos to look forward to.


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