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Fifteenth trip to Mexico. First time solo (meaning without the love of my life, husband, Zung). The trip was, in a word, awesome. However, something went seriously wrong with the weather. It was unseasonably warm here at home in Colorado (sunny and 67) while I was gone and I experienced some of the worst weather I have ever had in Mexico on Thursday (the day after our arrival). It was warm and sunny the day I left Colorado, and today, back at home, is the coldest it has been all winter. We are talking negative numbers cold. And snow. Not a lot of snow, but snow nonetheless.

What is up with that?


To be clear, “some of the worst weather” in Mexico meant cloudy and cool for one day. I don’t want to make it seem worse than it was. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

There was concern about whether Karen would get out of New York city on Wednesday. A storm arrived Wednesday morning and it took her three hours to get to the airport, but her plane did take off on time.  She told me they had to “wet” the plane first. Ummm, do you mean de-ice?

I finished packing. For all those doubters out there, here is my packed bag (with my backpack in lieu of a purse next to it – the backpack could easily have fit a couple more pairs of shoes).

I had checked-in online and printed my boarding pass the night before. Zung gave me a ride to the airport. It was warm enough that I didn’t even need to take my coat. I had my carry-on. I had my backpack. I had my passport. I had my iPad (so I could play Angry Birds on the plane). I was good to go.

I asked the helpful Frontier people where I was supposed to show my passport. I got two different answers, so I proceeded to security. The line was no big deal and I was though in no time.

I passed this very cool sculpture/art thingy.

I went to the gate to see if it was staffed yet, so I could show my passport, but it was too early.

Off to breakfast at Chef Jimmy’s, which, if you’ve read my trip reports before, you know, is a pre-trip tradition.

I had bacon and eggs and a Royal Mimosa.

I was on vacation and it was five o’clock somewhere. Or it would be five o’clock sometime.

After breakfast I went back to the gate and showed my passport so they would let me go to Mexico. I bought a bottle of water and waited to board. I was pretty far in the back of the plane, so I got to board fairly early. I took a deep breath and hauled my carry on up into the overhead bin. I know now why it’s called a carry on and not a lift up high.

I was a little bit worried about the flight when I saw behind me were two small children, one about 6 months and the other about 2 years. They were really well-behaved though (thank goodness). I was in the aisle seat and the woman sitting next to me was coughing and sniffling and sounded sick. But she must have kept her germs to herself, because I never got sick. I was sad that Dave, my favorite Frontier flight attendant was not working.

I passed the time playing Angry Birds. Lots and lots of Angry Birds. I read my People magazine and a little bit of my book on my iPad. When they did beverage service I asked for a rum and coke and she asked if Pepsi was okay, but then she only gave me the Pepsi and never gave me the rum. It’s okay. They serve white Bacardi and soon I would be drinking Havana Club. Frontier also serves chocolate chip cookies. The first few flights when they had them, they were cold, but now they serve them warm. Yum.

We soon were landing. You walk off the plane, make a left and walk down a hall until you get to an escalator and at the bottom of the escalator is Immigration. Also at the bottom of the escalator was Karen! Her plane was due to have landed about 20 minutes before mine, so I was surprised to see her. I had told her to wait for me at Baggage claim, but this was better.

We started what would be a steady conversation only briefly interrupted by sleeping.

The Immigration l.ine was longer than I’ve had in quite a few trips, but not horrible. I got something I have never gotten before in Immigration — a friendly Immigration clerk. Good way to start a trip.

Hey, there is the baggage carousel! But I didn’t need it. I had carry on. (Karen did as well). Next stop was Customs. That went pretty quickly and Karen and I both got Green lights. We went outside and there was the guy from Cancun Valet with the sign with my name. I just love that.

It was cloudy and cool, but he assured us it would be sunny tomorrow. Liar.

Our van arrived, and we were on our way.

Daniel, get your cucumbers ready!


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  1. Great Start!!! I noticed that the weather was a bit ‘off’ when you were there, but hope it warmed up for you!

    Angry Birds…I am so addicted!!! It’s pretty difficult to play on my iPhone, so when the new iPads come out (in April, I hope!), I’m getting one of those! Big screen Angry Birds!

    My solo trip with Sandi was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had….definitely different than being with the hubby, but different in a very good way!!!

    Looking forward to more!

  2. Hola Andrea,

    We were wondering what the occupancy was last week when you were there?
    We’ll be there in 7 days and are really looking forward to a new resort experience
    after staying at Secrets the last 8 trips.
    Anything else we should know before we get there?
    Dave & Laurie

    1. Hi Dave, occupancy was 70% and I asked what it would be when you are there and she said 80%. However I am thinking that could go up if people book last minute (like me) or upgrade from the other hotels. I thought the service was really good though and it didn’t feel crowded. You’ll have a great time. I want to hear all about it.

      1. What’s up with all the wine list stuff?
        Did you make a copy of the new list?
        Laurie does need her chardonnay or it could
        be trouble for all of us !!! lol

  3. I’m so glad you had a great trip and thanks again for all of your information. I’m looking forward to more pictures. I miss the Grand so much, especially this time of the year!! You continue to rock!!

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