The shoes are in! Four pairs of my most awesome (read=highest) heels.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when I put this pair back into the closet. They kept yelling, “But, we were already in the bag! We were already in the bag!”

Even their Iberostar looking stars weren’t enough to save their place.

There is still toiletries (it will fit, it’s in a quart bag), make-up (lots) and a flatiron. But there is also lots of room and I haven’t even unzipped the extension. I have to admit, I think this will be a one time thing. Not because I had to limit myself (I am taking four pairs of heels after all), that much, but because it’s going to be a “moment” when I have to haul that puppy into the overhead. Let’s be honest. Carry-on with wheels pushes the limits of our muscles.

Tomorrow morning I am off. I will take a final pic, but all you doubters have to admit – I DID IT!

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6 Responses to Doubters!

  1. Debbie Bosnak says:

    I knew you could do it! Have a wonderful trip! I cannot wait for your blog….

  2. Craig says:

    There will be no stow away HC on the trip home, Making the trip with just a carry on screams ” Search Me ” at customs…… Have a great trip Andrea, and make sure Daniel has cucumbers for the week of May 1. That is if he doesn’t ” hate making them ” like summerfun whatever refers to on TA !!!

  3. Dave says:

    Why bother with the iron? You get a full size iron in the closet at the Grand. Leave yours at home and take another pair of shoes instead!

  4. lumkim says:

    Great start!

  5. NiceNewYorker says:

    I’m amazed by your packing (and four pairs of shoes!), but I’m kind of keeping it a secret because I don’t want to hear, “See you can fit all of your stuff in a carry-on.” I do have a mini flatiron that I love !! More room for shoes and dresses!

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