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We had been excited to get in earlier than usual a week ago when we arrived. However, what Frontier giveth, Frontier taketh away a week later. Our plane would leave earlier than usual and therefore no time to go to the beach this last day.

The weather gods clearly wanted to make us feel better about this, because it rained off and on all morning.

Zung and I went to breakfast while the kids slept in. They ordered room service one last time before we checked out. Rooms service was probably glad to see us go. The kids must have used room service at lest once a day and some days more than that. (I remember when I was researching resorts for this trip and we considered “another one” and Nicholas’ only question was, “Do they have room service?”)

When Zung and I returned from breakfast we had to drag the kids out of bed. The bell boys were due to come get our bags at 11:15. This is an early wake-up call for my kids. They weren’t even packed and of course they wanted to eat.

Up, up, up! Now!

I had to put my watch back on. There are no pictures of that sad event.

When packing to come to Mexico, I had put my dress and Susie’s dress in the big, red suitcase, and not much else. I hadn’t wanted them to get wrinkled. When packing to go back home to Colorado, I crammed all kinds of stuff into that suitcase with the dresses. Amazingly, my dress till looked great when I unpacked it back at home.

Patrick wanted to do some shopping at the Shopping Center. I gave Zung very explicit directions to tell the bell boy to take our bags to the Lindo. I expected Cancun Valet to pick us up there, since that is where they dropped us off a week ago. I told him to go to the Maya lobby and go to the check out desk and check us out. Then he and Nicholas and Susie were to meet Patrick and I at the Lindo lobby bar.

He remembered the “meet us at the Lindo lobby bar” part. I remember hearing once that males don’t do well with a list of instructions, and will usually just remember one part. That’s my guy!

I finished my instructions to Zung and then Patrick and I walked to the Shopping Center. We made our purchases and then walked to the Lindo lobby bar. Zung, Nicholas and Susie were not there yet. Patrick wanted me to call them. I told him to just wait a few minutes. I got a final Havana rum and coke (make it a double, por favor). Zung and Nicholas and Susie walked in.

“Did you check us out?” (me, to Zung).

“Not yet.” (guess who!)

WHAT?! What are you waiting for? He was supposed to check us out at the Maya and we were at the Lindo.

“Where is the luggage?” (Me to Zung)

“Uhhhh, I’m not sure.” (You KNOW who).

I took the keys and towel cards and went to the Lindo lobby to see if I could check us out there. There were a lot of people checking in. I waited several minutes and then went to ask the bell boys if I could check out at the Lindo. They said if our luggage was being brought to the Lindo, we could check out at the Lindo.

I went back to the Lindo lobby and waited. And waited. And waited. About 15 minutes I waited. Two women came into the lobby and one of them was an Iberostar employee (they all wear uniforms of some kind or another). She was with a bride looking woman (the David’s bridal garment bag gave her away). I think the Iberostar employee was a wedding planner. Whatever. She must have seen the anguish on my face and took me up to one of the clerks and said I needed to check out. However, when they realized I had stayed at the Maya and I had charges to pay for (our spa massages), they said I had to check out over there.

I was rapidly losing my vacation zen (and the rum and coke had completely worn off from the stress hormones coursing through my system).

I went back to the Lindo lobby bar. I told Zung that after waiting for 15 minutes at the Lindo lobby, I now had to go over to the Maya, and WHY DIDN’T HE DO WHAT I HAD TOLD HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I told him to STAY at the Lindo because I still thought the van would pick us up there. But, I wasn’t sure. I took the kids and as we started to walk over to the Lindo, a trolley appeared and the driver said, “I heard you needed a ride to the Maya.” Bless you! He took us over to the Maya. We got checked out, found out that is where our bags were and that is where the van picked us up.

Patrick wanted to go over to the Lindo to get Zung. I said, in my most “don’t argue with me” voice, “Just stay here. We will got get him together, in the van.”

The van driver didn’t know where the Lindo was (of course not). He wasn’t understanding my directions, so I asked Susie to interpret. She responded that she didn’t know directional words. I responded to her that for all the tuition I had paid, she should know those words. (She was majoring in Spanish in college).

We eventually got over there and picked up Zung and made it to the airport.

At the airport we had to do a health screening since there was still swine flu hysteria. We decided it had been long enough since Patrick had been sick that we could answer no to all the questions. We got checked in at Frontier, went through Security and then found ourselves in the Duty Free store. We made our purchases and then went to Bubba Gump’s. We told the waiter we were in a hurry, so he made sure we got our food quickly.

The kids got Mango Margaritas.

Susie got a warm chocolate chop cookie with ice cream. Breakfast of champions!

She made one last funny face for vacation.

Our flight home was uneventful. Immigration was quick and uneventful.

I wish I could say the same for Customs.

Between Nicholas, Zung and I, we may have had 5 bottles of Havana Club rum. Which may or may not be made in Cuba. The possession of, may or may not be frowned on by Customs agents.

We collected our bags and went to the agent who looks at your declaration card and USUALLY says you can leave. Not this time. This time she said, “Go over there.”

“There” was the screening area. It was just a random screening, but I was sweating bullets.

I don’t think Customs agents are allowed to smile. The guy asked what kind of work we did and I said I was a Lactation Consultant.

“A what?” he asked.

I repeated it, but decided if he wasn’t going to be friendlier, I wasn’t going to explain it to him.

They x-rayed our bags. I find the shape of the possibly less than legal bottles to be distinct, but apparently the agents did not. They were in our backpacks and one of the bags. The agent went through Susie’s backpack only. She did not have any alcohol because she is under 21. She had cereal, which drew some attention. Cocoa Puffs. But they let it go.

I don’t know how we made it through with our “supplies”, but they sent us on our way.

Since I’m a law-abiding citizen, this picture must have been taken in a house somewhere in Mexico. Yea. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

It has a lovely bocquet.


It had been another wonderful trip to my Happy Place. It had been a memorable and meaningful 30th anniversary. Now, it was done.


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