Last Full Day In Paradise

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It was spa day for Susie and I. We woke her up to go to breakfast with us. The plan was for the boys to go jet skiing, but there was NO WAY they were going to get up early.

Susie wasn’t that happy about being up early either.

Breakfast was consumed and then Susie and I were off to the spa over at the shopping center. They showed us around the “wet” area. We went and had our massages. Susie was happy with hers. I was less than pleased with mine. It felt like she just rubbed abundant amounts of oil on me, with no real pressure. I kept thinking she was going to start getting serious, buuuuutttt, no, just more oil. It was possibly the least satisfying massage I have ever had. We met up afterwards and used the therapeutic showers (AWESOME) and the Jacuzzi’s  and swam in the big spa pool.

If  you are a guest of the Maya or Grand, you can use the wet areas of the spa for free. Guests of the other hotels can use the wet areas if they are at the spa for other services.

After our spa experience, we joined the guys on the beach. The ocean was pretty rough, so jet-skiing was out.

We read, drank, ate and napped.

Patrick and I went for a walk so he could show me the area that he and Nicholas liked to go to.  We walked as far as we could. We passed houses and condos and it all looked mostly vacant. I wouldn’t mind living in one of those houses or condos.

We went in the ocean and a wave came along and crashed into me and I felt like someone had smacked me on the back. I was finding sand in all kinds of places the rest of the day.

We stayed our a pretty long time since it was our last day.

Too soon we were packing up and heading back to our room. Our last beach day was over.

We took some pictures of our courtyard…

…the hall to the lobby…

There were drinks at the lobby bar.

Our reservations were at the Japanese restaurant.

Dinner took forever this night. I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I think it took him almost an hour to get everyone’s order. Susie and Patrick ordered a wok dish. Zung, Nicholas and I ordered off the hibachi menu. They need to work on their timing.  The tempanyaki chef cooks for a long time, but they didn’t bring out the wok dishes until the rest of us were almost done with our meals.

I passed on dessert and headed back to the room with Susie.

Tomorrow was our last few hours. We were leaving early enough that we wouldn’t make it to the beach. I had been planning this trip for so long and there were so many details to it. And usually I am so sad to see our vacation end (except for the heart attack trip).

But, to be honest, the sun and heat were getting to me and I felt like it was time to go home.

The last day would hold a little bit of drama though.



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