Girlfriend’s Getaway to the Grand

You’re going to have to make your brain start multi-tasking to keep up with my blog for a while. I’m not finished with the vow renewal trip, but since my girlfriend’s getaway trip is coming up, there are frequent updates to be made.

I love a good alliteration for a trip report title. I also love a good challenge. I have decided that since this trip will only be four nights, I can DO IT with a carry-on. The two biggest challenges of a carry-on are sunscreen and shoes.

Karen, my travel partner, gave me the carry-on. I have not yet had the opportunity to use it. This trip seems like the perfect time to break it in.

Now, there are those that have expressed doubt that I can do it.

Oh, yea of little faith. Besides, it looks plenty big enough.

The inside looks downright cavernous.

Oops!k Okay, so I can’t bring all these.

Be sure to check back and see how many lucky pairs got to go to Mexico.

They have sunscreen at the towel hut at the Grand, don’t they?

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2 Responses to Girlfriend’s Getaway to the Grand

  1. Craig says:

    NO WAY, There is NO WAY you will make a 4 day trip with a carry on. I will bet a cucumber mojito on it…….. Have a great time, we just booked the first week of May : )

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