Day 6 – Perfectly Relaxing

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How did it get to be Day 6 already?

I try hard not to start feeling sad that the vacation is almost over and just enjoy each day. We had two full days to go. It was all good.

It was another sunny, perfect day. I felt fine when I woke up. That’s the good thing about feeling crummy because you are dehydrated. You just rehydrate and you magically feel better.

Zung and I headed off to the Lindo buffet for breakfast and were greeted with a table of Mimosa’s (I’ll have one please…gracias) and smoked salmon (I passed on that). Breakfast was pretty uneventful. Truly, most of the day was uneventful.

But, when this is what you are uneventfully doing, it’s hard to complain.

And you’re looking at this:


We found these birds quite entertaining (that is when you know you are deep into relaxing-world, when you are entertained watching birds walk back and forth).

Susie and I did the lazy river. It was the first time I have ever done it. It was very lazy, but nice. Lots of kids. I have to say, the pool scene has such a different vibe than the beach. They are really totally different vacation experiences. The beach feels peaceful, serene and Zen-like. I can gaze out at the ocean (or watch the birds) for long periods of time. The sound lulls me to sleep. I love the feel of my toes in the sand.

I walk by the pool and it feels noisy, chaotic and over-stimulating.

It’s nice that there is something for everyone.

Tonight, dinner was at the Seafood restaurant at the Maya. We were seated and then greeted by one waiter, who was friendly and smiling. Then they switched waiters on us and the new one was more serious.

The waiters would often start by asking us if we spoke Spanish and Susie would reply that she did. I would get indignant and say, in Spanish, that I spoke a little and was learning (“un solo poco, estoy apprendiendo). She amended her response to clarify that. Primarily though, they spoke to her. Nicholas actually can speak a fair amount of Spanish as well.

Grumpy waiter took our drink orders. I asked for Cabernet.He returned with Vino Tinto. Gag. I said I would try it, because they actually have two Vino Tinto’s. It wasn’t any better than the other Vino Tinto I had tried, so I just said no thank-you.

A little later, when we were eating, the maitre’d, Eli, came over and asked how things were. We said it was fine and he asked me, did I not like the wine. I said, no, I didn’t. He asked me what kind I would like and I replied, Cabernet. He told me he would try to find some. It took him awhile (we were almost done eating), but he did find us a bottle. I really appreciated the effort and the level of service and felt obligated to drink a lot of it. I didn’t quite feel our effort did justice his effort deserved.

The seafood restaurant is like most of the others, in that the appetizers and dessert are buffet style and they bring you the entrees.

Zung and I got a main course that had lots of different kinds of seafood in it and was meant for two. It was just okay, but my appetite wasn’t that great. My heartburn was acting up and I think the sun and heat gets to me after a few days.

There was a couple sitting near us that had two little kids. After they finished eating they let the kids run all over the restaurant. Sooooo not cool.

Susie drank a LOT of champagne. She somewhat regretted it the next morning. Oh well, live, drink and learn.

We may have talked about going to the show that night. But we never made it. Any night.

Do we know how to party, or what?

They had turn down service, but they didn’t replace any towels or empty they trash. They pretty much just turned down the bed. Whatever. Nobody turns my bed down at home, so I’ll take whatever I can get.

Tomorrow we would have a slight variation in our routine.

(I’m thinking I should try to wrap this trip’s report up before I go on the next one.)


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