I should know better (dehydration)

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Today was the day we had an appointment at the photo shop to look at the re-wedding pictures. After we finished our crepes, Susie and I headed over to the Lindo lobby bar (outside area) and hung out until our 7 pm appointment. The photo shop is right there next to the Lindo lobby bar. When we went in at 7 pm, one of our photographers was there. He led us to a computer and brought up our pictures – over 200 of them! He gave us a sheet of paper to write down the 60 we wanter. We had to stand while we looked at them, and while there is a/c, it was not strong enough to stand for an hour and I started feeling dizzy.

I had narrowed it down to 70 pictures and asked to see several on the screen at once to help me decide. He asks, “You want to see the other ones?”

What other ones? OMG! How many more can there be? There were about 150 additional photos that we the “close-ups”.

By that point I was hot, dizzy and overwhelmed. All the pictures were good and I thought I was doing good to narrow it down to 70. To have 150 more thrown in to the mix was too much for me and I told him we would come back tomorrow to finish.

We sat at the Lindo lobby bar until our reservations at El Patio. El Patio is the Mexican restaurant at the Maya. It is at the end of the pool area and by day is a buffet for breakfast and lunch – I think. I’ve never actually checked it out, so I could be wrong on that.

The boys met us there and we were seated. Last year I had eaten here with the kids and had gotten the aracherra and it had been delicious, so I ordered it again.

I still wasn’t feeling good and knew I had gotten dehydrated. It can happen so fast. I passed on wine and was sucking down water like crazy, hoping to feel better by the time my food got there.

El Patio, like most of the restaurants at the Lindo and Maya, have a buffet for appetizers and dessert. I passed on appetizers also. Our main courses arrived and I took one bite and knew I couldn’t eat.

I announced that I was going to go back to the room because I didn’t feel well. Patrick popped up and said he would walk me back. I assured him I would be fine, but he insisted. As we walked out I thanked him for accompanying me and he said, “Well, you made sure I was okay when I wasn’t feeling good.” I’m so proud of that boy. We had a really nice chat as we walked back. We walked through all the Maya building courtyards. The ones closer to the beach are very elaborately decorated with patterned stone walkways and columns and fountains. It is definitely worth checking out.

By the time everyone returned from dinner my appetite had returned and I had ordered room service. The pizza was just “okay”, the fruit was good, as always, and the flan was yummy.

The plan was to rest up for another day of serious relaxation tomorrow. While we did discuss going off the resort to do something, we never got past the stage of thinking about it. Which was just fine with all of us. We like to perfect things and we felt like we were getting very close to perfecting relaxing on the beach.




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