Just another beautiful day in paradise

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I don’t know if I will ever get tired of waking up to another beautiful sunny day. It would be better if my heartburn wasn’t waking me up in the middle of the night though. Ugh, that hasn’t happened since it all started, back in February. Too much rum, too much coke.

I think I’ll have another!

Oh, wait, probably should have breakfast first! We do, and it’s pretty much the same as all the other mornings. The only real difference was on Saturday – but that’s tomorrow, and I’m writing about today.

We had our routine down. For some reason, Zung always went out to the beach before me most mornings.


Beautiful Beach Bod


Susie joined us and asked me to go get some breakfast with her. I think this was the morning they completely ignored us. The waiters buzzed by us, but never stopped until I flagged one down and asked for water for me and o.j. for Susie. They brought her what she said tasted like Tang and never checked back if we wanted anything else. I think that was the only time I didn’t leave a tip.

Patrick was feeling well enough to join us.

We read, ate, napped and drank.

Here I had all the necessities of a perfect vacation. A beautiful beach, a good book, a strong drink, sunscreen and a cute beach bag to carry it in. (Well, of course I don’t carry the beach and the drink in it).


Perfect vacation materials



The boys would often go down the beach past the Beach/Del Mar and swim because they said it was really nice down there. Susie went with them once. This picture is stunning in that it shows so many empty chairs. This was due to the swine flu hysteria. The hotels and the all the people who work at them really took a hit from this.

This was the day that Zung had put stuff on a chair under the palapa that he and I were sitting under for the kids. This guy comes along and sits down on the chair next to it (under the same palapa). There were a ton of unoccupied palapas, so I wasn’t sure why he needed to claim that one. He saved a bunch of chairs too, so it wasn’t like he was trying to show you can’t save chairs. I didn’t even notice until his wife came down and put her stuff on the chair we had stuff on and he said, “Oh, that’s not our stuff.” The funny thing is they went up to chairs near the water and never used the ones under the palapas much. When our kids showed up, none of them wanted to sit next to a stranger (how old are you guys again?). So I went and sat there.

The guy came back at one point and sat down and said “hi” and we chatted a bit. They left not too long after that. It was kind of weird.

By the time Zung took this picture the people had left, but you can see ALL the other unoccupied palapas.


Andrea, sitting by her lonesome



Here Nicholas is, putting on sunscreen, but from the looks of him, he hasn’t done that near enough.

There were kitties outside the restroom of the pool/beach buffet and I would sneak them food. One of them was quite demanding, yelling when you walked into the area for food and petting. There were kitties all over, but I have to say, they didn’t look quite as skinny this year.

Susie wanted to go to El Spa to make appointments for massages, so after we got dressed for dinner she and I headed over there and made appointments for the morning of our last full day, Sunday. Then we went for crepes. Zung and I had gone over for crepes the day before, and it wasn’t too great, but they were better today.

It had been good having everyone together at the beach again and having Patrick feeling much better. It would be my turn next to not feel so great.


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