More Medical Drama

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It just wouldn’t be a Tran vacation without some medical drama.

Today was the day Karen had to leave. Her M.O. is to breeze in with a dramatic entrance, make a big impression and then leave quietly. Zung and I ate breakfast and then went to collect her to take her to her ride, which was leaving at the ungodly hour of 8:45 in the morning. She checked out at the Maya lobby desk and then we walked over to the Lindo (which is where she was dropped off and expected Apple to pick her up). We got to hang out for a little while, but then the driver was telling her she really had to get in the van and go (I think his words were, “Don’t pretend like you can’t understand me” – in perfect English).

It had been really, really great to have her there and part of our vow renewal celebration.

Zung and I went back to the room for the ritual sunscreen application and then headed out to the beach (long, hot walk).

When Nicholas and Susie came out, they reported that Patrick was still not feeling good. His throat really hurt and he was staying in bed.

Susie (somehow) convinced Nicholas to go kayaking. Susie and Zung are all into the athletic stuff. The rest of us, not so much. But when your younger sister is game, it’s hard to say no.

For lunch, Zung and I went to the buffet by the lobby. It’s air-conditioned (thank-you air condition gods), plus, they have decent gazpacho and good arachera. It also gave us the chance to check in on Patrick, who was not feeling good at all.

Later in the day I hauled him off to the medical clinic (which is on-site, and right across from the chopping center). It was about $75 US to be seen. They let you know as soon as you walk in that it is an extra charge ( i.e. not part of the “all-inclusive”). The doctor said his throat was infected and prescribed him antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory.

Then the doctor said something that shocked me.

He gave us the option of going to Cancun to get him IV antibiotics. He said that would make Patrick feel better right away. I have NEVER been given this as an option in the US and it really seemed like overkill to me. As a nurse and as a mom of three kids, I knew the oral antibiotics would kick in within about 24 hours so we declined the trip to Cancun.

The doctor wanted Patrick to come back on Sunday to make sure he could travel (which would have been another $66), which we took a pass on. I felt like I would know if he was better (being a nurse and mom of three and all).  My general feeling is most follow-up visits are bogus. And that’s my professional opinion as a nurse and mom of three and person who has gone in for follow-up visits when I felt just fine only to be told I was just fine.

Oops. I am digressing again.

We took the prescriptions and crossed the street to the shopping center, where the pharmacy was and got Patrick his drugs. I took Patrick back to his room, made sure he took said drugs and then went to get ready for dinner.

Dinner tonight was at the Lindo gourmet. Back on Tuesday, the first day, when I was ordering Mexicano’s all around at lunch, and the waiter brought them out in plastic tumblers, he told us to come to the Lindo gourmet, where he worked and he would give us proper Mexicano’s. Susie felt like we needed to follow-up on his instructions, so it was off to the Lindo gourmet we went for dinner. It’s also a good restaurant.

First we went to the Maya lobby bar for drinks. We had a rather odd interaction there. Zung and I were sitting there and this guy, accompanied by 2 boys (aged about 7 and 9) walked by. The guy (I assumed he was the boys dad) stopped, turned around, and looked at me and said, “Nice dress.” He walked on some more and then turned around and looked at me again. Shortly after that I saw him with a woman. It was a little odd. It was a good dress, but not that outstanding, and guys don’t usually comment on strange women’s (who are with their husband’s) clothing when they are with their kids. Ya, know what I mean?

We ended up not having that waiter at the Lindo and we weren’t in the mood for Mexicano’s. We enjoyed our food, but I can’t remember what it was, other than my strawberry’s flambe for dessert. That was yummy.

Nicholas and Susie were quite dignified tonight.

We went to bed, hoping Patrick would be able to rejoin the vacation tomorrow.


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