Drinks at Lindo Lobby Bar and dinner at the Cajun

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We met for drinks at the Lindo Lobby bar. Inside there is an aquarium in the middle that is round and goes from ceiling to floor and has many colorful fish. There is also occasionally some music being played. The inside is kind of smoky though, so we often sit outside. This is a lovely area that is surrounded by fountains and I love the sound. It makes for good people watching as well. There are pool tables nearby if you are so inclined.

It was Karen’s last night. I was so glad she had been able to come.

We met Nicholas at the Cajun restaurant, which is one of my favorites. As mentioned in my previous post, Patrick stayed in the room, in bed, not feeling good.

The Cajun restaurant is to the right if you ware walking from the lobby to the beach. It is right next to the Gourmet restaurant.

At the Cajun restaurant there is a buffet for appetizers, salad and desserts and they take your order for soup and main course and drinks. The coconut shrimp appetizer is very good and my favorite main course is the blackened grouper. The boys have gotten steaks that they reported were tasty and the jambalya is decent.

Susie and Nicholas managed to entertain themselves. It’s so nice to travel with adult children.

They start out looking mature and dignified, but it’s all down hill from there.

Compared to Susie and Karen, Nicholas needs to work on his tan.

After dinner we went back to the Lindo Lobby Bar. Zung had a flashback because this was the first time he had been at the Lindo Lobby Bar since the infamous night when he left early to go back to the room because he was having a heart attack. I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere else, but he said he was okay.

It was a simple evening after a simple day. Simple is the reason we come to the Riviera Maya and stay at an all-inclusive. I love the limited choices for restaurants. I tend to research things to within an inch of their lives and not having many, many choices is a bonus for me. I love laying on the beach (no pool time for me and my crew). Listening to the waves, smelling the ocean, feeling the sun and the breeze and the cold drink in my hand, getting to read a book for more than the time it takes me to get sleepy at night, that’s what the recipe for the perfect vacation is for me. And that is what the Iberostar Paraiso hotels deliver.

I am a lucky, lucky lady.


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