Day After the Re-Wedding

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When I woke up, my first thought was that the previous day could not have been more perfect.

I also felt a tad hung-over. I took my trusty homeopathic hang-over cure and was good to go. We stopped at Karen’s room on our way to breakfast. She was on her balcony, drinking coffee, reading, enjoying the beautiful morning. She was planning on going for another run. (Really? Another one? Didn’t she sweat enough the day before?)

Susie had spent the night in Karen’s room and answered the door, but quickly went back to sleep. I knew the boys were still sleeping, so it was just Zung and I for breakfast.

I have heard there is a breakfast buffet at the Seafood restaurant, but we went to the Lindo. They have everything there. We didn’t see a reason to look for more than everything.

After breakfast Zung and I got ready for the beach. Zung easily found chairs toward the Beach/Del Mar side. Normally the beach is packed and the shaded chairs are taken early. But this was swine flu hysteria time and it resulted in the beach being relatively empty. Even the pool had lots of available chairs. normally those are taken early on, but this trip we saw plenty of chairs every time we walked by.

Zung went for a run this day. I had gotten enough of a work out walking the ten-minute walk from the room to the beach. Since I had to do it again at the end of the day, I was resting up in preparation for that.

Karen and the kids eventually joined us.

Patrick complained that his throat hurt.

We hung out on the beach.

The kids went in the water.

I went to my happy place.

When the sun got too hot, everyone retreated under the palapa. When they got hungry, they went to the grill. The grill is behind the bar. They have hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, fruit, fries, and chips, guac and neon yellow cheese.

There was a dog that would show up every day at the beach, around the same time of day. She would go to the water’s edge and turn and look at the people, like she was looking for someone specific. She wouldn’t let anyone pet her and Karen tried to give her a french fry, which she took, but then dropped right away. Every day, she came and looked.

There was a little girl, playing in the sand. Her hair had the most intense shine I’ve ever seen. Karen asked me what she had on her head and I looked and said, “That’s her hair.” This picture doesn’t quite capture it.

It was a laid back day of just enjoying the view.

Patrick left early because his throat was getting worse. He went back to the room and was there for the next day and a half. It was starting to feel like there always had to be some medical drama with our vacations. Nicholas was worried Patrick had swine flu and would give it to him. Gotta love that brotherly concern.

We had another towel animal upon our return to our room.

Unbeknownst to Zung and I, the previous night Nicholas had purchased an adult bracelet for Patrick. The bracelet is gold on the outside, but if you flip it over it is white, which is the color of a kids bracelet. Patrick would flip it to white when he was around us, and flip it back to gold when he wanted to go in the disco and do other things an adult bracelet lets you do. I told them when I found out that is was karma that Patrick got sick the next day. They bought the bracelet from the bell boys, but obviously a front desk clerk had to be in on this “arrangement.” We found out well after the trip. I did notice one day (and comment on) that Patrick’s bracelet looked wrinkled. So, if you have a kids who has a wrinkled bracelet, take a closer look.


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