The celebration of 30 years of marriage

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We went over to a table set up with a bottle of Moet champagne and a cake. Erika poured the Moet and we toasted.

I made the first toast. Sort of. I had thought for months about what I wanted to say. However, as soon as I opened my mouth I was so overcome with emotion I could barely get the words out and nobody really understood me.

It went something like this: “I am here in my most favorite place, the Riviera Maya, with the most important people in the world, on this most special day, with the love of my life. It has been an extraordinary journey, and whether it lasts another 30 years or 30 minutes, I am lucky to be on it.”

There were other toasts, and more hugs.

Can you see the tear in the corner of her eye?

The photographers took a bunch of pictures of us. This first one was my favorite.

I loved the back of my dress. The detailing was one of the reasons I chose it.

Damn, they’re a good-looking crew.

Her too. Gorgeous (am I allowed to say that?)

At some point we got hungry and cut the cake.

It was quite tasty. It was yellow cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberry filling.

Erika took a bunch of pictures. Many of them were the same as what the photographers took, but she did get some really good shots they did not.

Wonder which of my secrets Karen is divulging here.

This was one of my favorites.

I know they asked us if we wanted a second bottle of Moet and we said, “Sure!” Then the photographers took us away and did a bunch of shots and by the time we got back the second bottle of Moet was history, courtesy of the kids and Karen. I’m not entirely sure I got one whole glass myself.

I made sure they got a picture of Karen and I.

Is she really holding 3 glasses of champagne? THAT’s where all the Moet went!

We started getting silly.

One of my very favorites.

The jump picture.

The supporting cast.

The photographers were great. They took pictures of whatever we asked them too. Hmmm, professional photographers, Patrick in need of senior pictures and dressed nice in an awesome setting. Take some pictures of this boy!

Probably the most low stress senior photo shoot ever.

The ceremony was performed. The pictures were taken (and taken and taken). The cake was cut and eaten. The champagne was poured and drunken. It was time to head back to the Maya. I settled up with Erika and Bluecacao.

Luis had returned to take us back to the hotel. When we walked in the door, Susie called out, “We’re baaaack.” They were ready for us with new wristbands. Then we went to the lobby bar. There is an automatic sliding glass door as you enter the lobby bar area and as we came through a large group of people were sitting there and clapping for us. They asked, “Did you just get married?” I told them we had renewed our vows for our 30th anniversary.

Frankly, people get married every day. Celebrating staying married for 30 years is a big damn deal and I wanted to brag on that.

We sat down and ordered drinks. This lady came over and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and I had no idea who she was. She asked, “Did you just get married?” I repeated that we had renewed our vows for our 30th and she asked, “What? Did you get married when you were ten?”

It was really sweet how everyone was so excited for us.

Our dinner reservations were at the Gourmet restaurant. Our waiter asked if we’d gotten married. I told him what we’d done. I think he may have been the same waiter we’d had the previous year at the Lindo Gourmet restaurant (Zung’s pre-heart attack meal).

Dinner was good. I think. I can’t remember what I ordered. I had quite a bit to drink. I do remember that our waiter brought us some special chocolate cake from the Lindo Gourmet restaurant for dessert and that cake was soooo yummy. It had “Happy Anniversary” written on the plate. He also brought Zung and I glasses of champagne.

At one point Susie took away my wine because she thought I’d had enough. I got it back, but conceded that I was pretty toasted and called it a night.

When we got back to our room we discovered special decorations that Karen had arranged.

The day was over. It had been awesome. Fun, memorable. The best.

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