Mayan (Re-) Wedding Ceremony (sort of)

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Technically, this was not really a Mayan wedding ceremony because they are performed in the Mayan language and this ceremony was performed in English. That’s okay, it was Mayan enough for me.

We shed our shoes and walked down to the beach, two by two.

The Shaman was waiting for us.

He invited Zung and I to kneel down. I gotta tell ya, I stayed in this position the entire time and my feet and shins actually fell asleep. Zung quickly shifted to tailor sitting. I could have also, but that really wouldn’t have gone with the dress.

The Shaman blew that conch thing he was holding and it sounded very musical. Then he invited our four guests to blow the conch things that were there for them. Not quite as musical.

I overheard Nicholas say during the ceremony, “This is so cool. This is how I want to get married.”

Details of the ceremony were fuzzy almost immediately after, but I do have some lovely pictures. They tell a pretty good story.

I do remember him waving some smoke around, and he had this drink he called “balche” what we drank. It was kind of sweet.

There were bowls of corn and cacao beans. The Shaman had made necklaces out of them and had us pull them out of the bowls and we exchanged the necklaces and put them around each other’s necks.

Zung really liked his.

The Shaman gave us blessings and then brought us to the edge of the water with bowls of the corn, cacao and flower petals.

He had us throw the flowers and corn and cacao into the ocean.

Then it was over. There were hugs and kisses.

We have a picture very similar to that one from our first wedding.

It had been so much fun, and meaningful and memorable. Sharing it with our children was such a joy.

There was no stress, just fun and celebration.

Yes, there was much celebrating (and picture taking) to come.


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  1. Hi. LOVE your blog – its exactly what I have been searching for. My son and I are going to PDC in April w/my best girlfriend, her husband and two sons. It just happens to be their 15th anniversary the day we arrive in Mexico. We have been friends for over 15 years so I was one of the only people that celebrated w/her and her husband the first time when they were married in City Hall. We are going for our kids spring break – but I thought – since its their 15 year anniversay – I want to throw a Mayan renewal ceremony for them. Its been a rocky past couple of years – like everyone they have their ups and downs. I think this would be wonderful for them as well as their boys to see this. Just wanted to see where you went to do your ceremony and how you booked shaman and photographer and approx. how much you spent.

    We are staying just north of Playa Del Carmen at the Blue Bay Grand Esmerelda (AI) so I’m planning dinner and drinks to follow just as you did. I did contact a woman I know in Puerto Morelos that owns the Jungle Spa to source a Shaman – but yours looks lovely. I did a temsczal ceremony last year w/a shaman and it was incredible.

    I also love the idea of having a photog. My girlfriend that would be getting renewed is a photog so it will be MUEY important to get some good pics and since I really want to participate in the ceremony – I don’t want to be standing there taking a ton of photos.

    Thank you so much – YOU LOOK AMAZING for being married 30+ years and your kids are GORGEOUS. What a beautful family.

    Thanks again for any information.

    Tracy Meredith

  2. Hello! WOW!!
    What AMAZING pictures and you looked beautiful!!!
    This is exactly what we were looking for, a Shaman to preform a vow renewal for us. I have found pricing to be quite high. Can you help me and let me know where you found a Shaman to do this for you?
    Thanks so very much!

  3. Hi!
    My husband and I are traveling to Playa del Carmen next month to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We would like a Mayan vow renewal ceremony. Can you please let me know any information you have on pricing and where to find a shaman. Your help is greatly appreciated!

    1. Congratulations! We used Weddings In Playa ( Erika was our “wedding planner.” Our plan was pretty simple though. Her services were $450 and the shaman was $450. I did TONS of research and this was the most reasonable I could find. It was a meaningful and memorable event. Good luck with your vow renewal.

      1. Thanks!!! I will try it…

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