Re-wedding preparations – Lotsa pics!

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Upon our return to our room, we found this towel animal left by the maid. I’m not sure what it was, but it didn’t have any eyes. We got a different towel animal every day. Maya maids rock!

I got ready – showered, hair, make-up – LOTS of make-up (it takes a lot to get from here to there). I also used LOTS of hair spray. Sadly, in the end, my hair was no match for the beach wind. There was not enough hair spray in the world to win that battle. I gave it a good try though.

Susie helped.

The clothes were laid out/hanging, and ready to be put on.

Karen came up for a while and took lots of pictures of everyone getting ready. She hadn’t put her dress on yet. It was a dress that she got specifically for the ceremony. It was blue and would go with the other’s wearing blue (Susie and Nicholas).

Every wedding has a glitch or two and Karen’s dress ended up being our glitch. Isn’t that just like a true BFF, to take the glitch for me? She left to put on her dress. I told her I would wait for her to come back before I put my dress on.

She was gone for a long time.

I waited. I put on my shoes (bought at DSW – I had considered and looked for red shoes – so “me” – but couldn’t find just the right ones and these spoke to me, so I wore silver shoes with a little bit of bling).

Still no Karen. I put on jewelry.

Still no Karen. Susie called her to find out what was taking so long. When she put on her dress the zipper was broken. She had bought a black dress that morning to wear to dinner the following night and ended up wearing that, but she was pretty sad that her new blue dress has a malfunction at the last minute.

She came up and with Susie’s assistance, I put on my dress (and fortunately did not have any wardrobe malfunctions).

I bought this dress off the rack and it didn’t need to be altered at all. It was like it was made for me. I did remove the crinoline because I didn’t want “pouf” and I removed the fairly long train that was on it. I did both myself. With the train I just cut a bunch off and then kept trimming away more until it looked the way I wanted it to.  I was quite pleased with the results/ I am an experienced seamstress, and if you are not, don’t try this at home.

The boys were looking mighty fine in their re-wedding finery.

A fine-looking crew, if I do say so myself.

I was having a blast.

Luis, our taxi driver called and let me know he was here and waiting for us.

Finally, everyone was ready. A hug from my boys and we headed out.

We made for quite the procession.

Notice that even the soles of Nicholas’ shoes are the right shade of blue.

The elevator was broken, so we had to take the stairs.

We stopped for a group picture outside our building, the hall behind us is to the lobby. (This picture is my wallpaper on my computer, it’s one of my favorites).

And one with the snake sculpture.

We stopped at the lobby desk to get our bracelets cut off and then we got into Luis’ taxi and headed of to Blucacao.

I like how this picture shows the buttons on the back of the dress.

Happy couple.


We were running a tad bit late and Erika called Luis to find out where we were. The only part of the conversation I understood was, “Vaminos.”

Luis almost took a wrong turn, but I had been paying attention the day before when Erika brought us out and I made sure he went down the right road.

We arrived and the photographers from Photo Caribbean were there and started snapping the minute we stepped out of the van.

This picture is on my nightstand. It’s another favorite.

Erika was waiting and her Weddings In Playa partner, Maria was there as well. Erika took some nice shots with our camera to add to our collection from the photographers.

The Shaman was waiting.

It was time to begin the ceremony.


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