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More Medical Drama

It just wouldn’t be a Tran vacation without some medical drama. Today was the day Karen had to leave. Her M.O. is to breeze in with a dramatic entrance, make a big impression and then leave quietly. Zung and I … Continue reading

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Drinks at Lindo Lobby Bar and dinner at the Cajun

We met for drinks at the Lindo Lobby bar. Inside there is an aquarium in the middle that is round and goes from ceiling to floor and has many colorful fish. There is also occasionally some music being played. The … Continue reading

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Day After the Re-Wedding

When I woke up, my first thought was that the previous day could not have been more perfect. I also felt a tad hung-over. I took my trusty homeopathic hang-over cure and was good to go. We stopped at Karen’s … Continue reading

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The celebration of 30 years of marriage

We went over to a table set up with a bottle of Moet champagne and a cake. Erika poured the Moet and we toasted. I made the first toast. Sort of. I had thought for months about what I wanted … Continue reading

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Mayan (Re-) Wedding Ceremony (sort of)

Technically, this was not really a Mayan wedding ceremony because they are performed in the Mayan language and this ceremony was performed in English. That’s okay, it was Mayan enough for me. We shed our shoes and walked down to … Continue reading

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