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It was finally here, the re-wedding day. June 9th is our actual anniversary. I highly recommend having a re-wedding (as opposed to getting re-married). The first time you have a wedding with someone, there is all kinds of stress. You want everything to be perfect. You worry about every little detail. This time around we were like, whatever, it’s about celebrating our marriage and family and we know it won’t go perfect. But, you know what? That’s okay. In the end, it’s all about the marriage and family. That’s what we were there to celebrate.

And in the end, it was pretty damn near perfect.

After sleeping “okay” and waking for a while, as I often do, for unknown reasons, at 4 am, I awoke rested and excited. It was a beautiful sunny day. The day we got married the first time around it had rained for 3 weeks straight, and then it was sunny on our wedding day. At least, it was sunny when I was outside or looking outside. Those hotel conference rooms where they have wedding receptions don’t have windows. Who knows what it was doing outside all those hours we were in there? I considered the sun shining, after three weeks of rain, a good omen for our marriage. 31 years later, it appears I was right.

This day, in Mexico, was all I could ask for.

This picture doesn’t show the sun, but it does show the view from our room. Lots of green. Some white, puffy clouds too.

The room itself had some nice things to look at too.

Wait, I’m digressing again.

Zung and I headed off to find some breakfast. We stopped at Karen’s room. She declined breakfast , opting to go for a run instead. (What? Why? I sweat just thinking about it).

Breakfast seekers have several options. We took the option of the Lindo breakfast buffet near the lobby. It is huge. It has two dining rooms and every option that you can think of. There are a couple of omelet stations, fresh donuts, meats, cheeses, cereals of multiple kinds, eggs, waffles, french toast, pancakes, fruit, yogurt and something special that changed daily. If you can’t find something to eat at the Lindo breakfast buffet, then you are way too picky. There is also a buffet in the Seafood restaurant at the Maya. So I have been told. We never went there. Because the Lindo has everything. There is also a smaller (much smaller) breakfast buffet at El Fogon. If you’ve been paying attention, you will remember that is the restaurant at the end of the pool, right before the boardwalk. Since Susie often shows up at the beach wanting breakfast and company, I have been known to have a second breakfast here. Since they don’t know I’ve already had a first breakfast, it’s all good. The buffet by the lobby is air-conditioned, the one by the pool is not.

At the restaurant we are seated and brought coffee (Zung), tea (me) and fresh, delicious o.j. (me). The beverage service was quick and attentive. Our waiter was awesome. Zung would barely take a swallow of coffee and the waiter was back re-filling his cup.

If you’ve been reading this blog through more than one trip, you know, Zung always has an omelet for breakfast. It is his reward for eating cholesterol-lowering oatmeal every day at home. I generally go with the four food groups of a croissant, bacon and fruit. The bacon is my reward for watching Zung eat oatmeal at home.

After breakfast we went back to the room. We planned to apply copious amounts of sunscreen. Our plan was thwarted though by the fact that Zung’s keycard didn’t work. We went to the concierge. She told us we could go to the lobby and get a replacement right away or wait for them to come to us, which would probably take half an hour. She could let us into our room while we waited. We decided to divide and conquer. He would go to our room and I went to the lobby. While I was at the lobby I asked about getting our wristbands cut off for the re-wedding ceremony and they assured me that would be no problem. Who wants plastic wristbands in their re-wedding pictures? Not me.

New keycard in hand, I returned to the room to work on that sunscreen application process.  While slathering on sunscreen, the phone rang. It was the concierge saying our flowers were in the lobby. Flowers? What flowers? Did someone send us flowers?

We again decided to divide and conquer. Zung went to the beach to get us chairs and I headed off to the lobby (again) to get the flowers. I was feeling no guilt about my rule of not exercising while on vacation.

The lobby didn’t have the flowers. They called the concierge. A couple of times. Finally putting me on the phone, so she could tell me that SHE had the flowers. Back at the building where I had just come from. Back to Building 65 I trudged. Once there, the concierge gave me a bag of blue rose petals and a huge heart-shaped arrangement.

I asked the concierge where they had come from and she replied, “Your friend,” the lovely Miss Karen. I took them up to our room and headed out to the beach. I ran in to the sweaty Miss Karen and thanked her for the flowers. She said she had asked about eight times that they be delivered to our room AFTER we left for the ceremony. This is what she had been talking to Erika about the previous day. Oh well. They were beautiful and appreciated even though they had arrived early.

Karen headed off to shower and I headed off to the beach. At the beach I found Zung and our chairs. The plan was to relax at the beach until 3pm. I needed to get a start on that. Susie and Karen showed up at about the same time and wanted to get something to eat, so the three of us went to El Fogon. Susie and Karen got some of that wonderful o.j. We had a rather awesome waiter who showed up with another full glass just as Karen would take her last swallow. After four glasses we hightailed it out of there before he could bring her another one.

Susie did her favorite thing and read. She reads LOTS on vacation. When she was a kid, she loved reading so much she would put her book in a plastic bag so she could take it into the shower with her.

I stopped at the bar, which was manned by my friend Federico. I asked him if he had found some Havana rum for me. Every day I would ask and he would turn around and look at the bottles, pick one or two up, go in the back, and come out and say they only had Bacardi. He’d smile and laugh every day when he saw me, but he never did get me any Havana rum.

Back out at the beach I had a special task to complete. I had brought with me a special gnome from work that I needed to take pictures of. It is a momma gnome who is breastfeeding twins. I am a Lactation Consultant, so this is a treasure. One of the nurses found her in a garden shop. We are taking her on our vacations and taking pictures of her in all the different places. The Riviera Maya is her first stop.

Here she is drinking a mojito. Can’t go to Mexico without trying a mojito.

Don’t worry. It’s okay for a breastfeeding mother to occasionally have an adult beverage.

With my professional duties fulfilled, Zung and I headed into the water. This bathing suit is so much cuter than it looks in these pictures. I had the straps tied down so I wouldn’t get tan lines because my re-wedding dress is strapless.

Karen came back from getting us drinks and said we must get a Riviera Maya because they are so pretty.

Tastes pretty good too.

Two thumbs up.

We went for lunch at some point. I was getting pretty toasted at this point and ordered Mexicano’s all around. However, they only had these big plastic cups to put them in and it’s really not the same. (Susie later told me she was shocked when I ordered these.)

We went back to the beach and found the boys who had finally shown up. We got in some more relaxation. In the scrapbook I made of this trip I said that it looks like Karen is putting on sunscreen, but since she has an almost evangelical belief that she doesn’t need it, I know that can’t be what is happening.

3 pm soon rolled around and we headed back to our rooms to get ready for the main event.

This was a long entry. It took me all evening to write it. Congratulations and thanks if you made it all the way through!


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  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  2. Just FYI – If you type “Riviera Maya drink” into Google and look at the first images.. or directly into Google images search.. you get a picture of you and another women (Karen?) having one on the beach.

    1. How cool is that? Actually, there are TWO pictures.

  3. Andrea thank you for this website and for the little info about the breastfeeding/drinking you posted in this note. We’ve recently decided to go to the Iberostar Paraiso with our daughter in August 2015 (just prior to her starting kindergarten – what can I say I’m an obsessive planner like you) and it was nice as a breastfeeding advocate to see that this blog came from a lactation consultant!

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