Check in to Lindo, Upgrade to Maya

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You get to the Iberostar Paraiso complex via Highway 307, which is basically a big highway from Cancun to many destinations south of Cancun. You make a left off 307 into the complex. After passing through the gates, you will pass by the turns to the left that would take you to the Beach, Del Mar and then you come to the Lindo. The next turn to the left is the Maya. There is a fountain in front and then there is the pyramid that is the Maya.

Our reservations were at the Lindo, so that is where we were taken and where we checked in. We are informed we have been upgraded to the Maya. This was not a surprise since I knew the Del Mar and Beach have been closed and the people who had reservations at those hotels (and didn’t cancel them due to swine flu hysteria) have been upgraded to the Lindo and the Lindo guests have been upgraded to the Maya. Guests booked at the Maya, however, were not upgraded to the Grand. Surprisingly, quite a few people were unhappy about the whole situation. Maya guests felt they were being cheated by not getting upgraded. Some Beach and Del Mar guests (and Quetzal/Tucan guests – those hotels in Playacar were also closed and they were moved to the Lindo) were not happy about being upgraded.

Whatever. We were happy about being upgraded and very excited to be back in Mexico as a family and ready to have our celebration.

Back to our check-in. We get fruity welcome drinks, banded, exchange some dollars for pesos. Then we and our luggage are being loaded onto a cart and we are taken to our building at the Maya. We were in Building 65 or 66. Can’t quite remember anymore. They were connected it seemed, so I’m not sure where one began and the other ended. It was closest to the lobby and furthest from the beach. There is a private pool next to the buildings. There is also an elevator. Don’t get too excited about the elevator though. We were on the third floor and were thrilled about the elevator, but it was out-of-order for about half the time we were there.

It was working the day we arrived. Our bell boy told us to go up and he would be up in a minute with our bags.We pushed the up button and waited. I hear my name.

“Yes, Andrea and Zung. Oh, they are here? Good!” It is a familiar voice.

I follow the voice around the corner to the concierge desk and sitting there is Karen. If you are new to the blog, Karen was my best friend in high school. our maid of honor when we got married, and then kind of dropped out of my life when I had Nicholas. She reappeared 6 months before this trip and we were thrilled to have her join us for our vow renewal. She had never met our children though. This was the first meeting.

It was a bit emotional. There were hugs and laughter and tears.

She had arrived a few hours earlier, but her room was not ready. She had walked around, checking out the various hotels.

We went to our respective rooms. She was on the first floor. We had two connecting rooms on the third floor. In our room there was a fruit basket and bottle of wine. The wine was Vino Tinto. We never opened it because we didn’t have a wine opener and our previous experience with Vino Tinto made us feel it would not be worth the effort to try to find one.

The Maya rooms are nicer (IMO) than the Lindo. They are jr. suites, which means there is a sitting area with a sofa, coffee table and chairs. The bathrooms have double sinks and separate tub and shower. The tub is a good-sized jacuzzi. There are little hammock swings on the balcony’s.

I was happy to be in surroundings that were different from the heart attack trip.

First order of business, unpack the dress. It traveled well.

Next order of business was the ceremonial removal of the watch. I don’t wear a watch when I’m on vacation. I eat when I’m hungry, I sleep when I’m tired and I drink, well, all the time. If I need to know the time, I ask Zung. He’s not as Zen as I am about time on vacation. Good thing. Sometimes I do need to know what time it is. Sometimes I just want to. Primarily so I know when to get out of the sun. Today, we did have an appointment with our wedding planner. so, Zung kept his watch on and I took mine off.

We unpacked. We were hungry. We ordered room service. Karen came up and she and I went over to the Lindo to the photo shop, the official re-wedding photographers.

Like wedding planners, if you say anything remotely wedding-ish to photographers, the price makes a very good case for only getting married once. We used the hotel photographers, Photo Caribbean. They had reasonable prices. Erika, the wedding planner, had a friend who would do it, but since I couldn’t preview their work, I went with Photo Caribbean. It was basically a confirmation with the photographer. I may have given them my credit card. Can’t remember.

We went back to the room and I ate Tacos El Pastor we had ordered from room service. They had been delivered quickly and now were cold, but I was starving and they tasted wonderful.

The kids room had two double beds and the sofa which converted to a bed. There was a brief argument about who would have to sleep on the sofa bed. I settled it, saying, “Patrick will cause he’s the youngest.” They actually ended up rotating.

Since we had arrived earlier than ever before, which allowed for some beach time.

It felt like it had already been a busy day, but there was more to come. Having a lot to do in Mexico is better than having a lot to do somewhere other than Mexico.


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  1. Great report… (and some people will NEVER be happy. They waste time finding things to be “unhappy” about. LIke “my upgrade didn’t happen” or ‘my free upgrade wasn’t nice enough” 🙂 Life’s what you make it!)

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