Our day of arrival, despite swine flu hysteria

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The swine flu outbreak never concerned us. I knew it was overblown hysteria. I said it would all have blown over by the time we got there. We were to arrive June 8. We did not cancel our trip, even though many, many others were. Airlines were cancelling flights and the resorts were hurting. As our day of departure came closer I read that Iberostar Paraiso had closed the Beach and Del Mar hotels because of the drop in reservations. Rumor had it that this would result in us being upgraded to the Maya.

I had to buy new luggage and a special bag for “the dress.” I packed and booked an SUV for the trip to the airport. I said if it didn’t arrive, we would cancel the trip. (Read the heart attack trip report to understand the significance of that).

Usually our flight leaves at around 11 am, but this time it would leave earlier by a couple of hours. That meant we had to get up early. 4 am early. While getting up early to go on vacation is better than getting up early to do something that does not involve going on vacation, it is still early.

I waited until the last-minute to pack the dress. I also packed Susie’s dress in that suitcase. It was huge, for just two dresses, but I didn’t want them to get wrinkled. I picked the suitcase model that had four wheels. I figured this would aid me in wrangling two suitcases through the airports.

6 am and all children were present and accounted for and the SUV was here. Yea! We load our people and our luggage and we are off. Ready for another adventure we have officially started our Re-Wedding trip.

We make good time to the airport, but there is still a long line at Frontier when we arrive. However, we are special. Zung is and Ascent member and they have their own, special, shorter line. Zung walks up to the do-it-yourself kiosk. He stares at it like it has landed from another planet. He looks at the instructions. Although they are very straightforward, he is confused. Susie steps up to assist him. Reading the instructions aloud to him makes all the difference. We get checked in and head off to Terminal A. I like Terminal A. It has its own security line. Terminal B & C have to share a line. And after you go through that shared line you have to take a train to your terminal. Me, I feel privileged to get to use Terminal A. Zung’s Ascent member status allows us to go in another special line that is also shorter.

I like being married to an Ascent member.

The security line is longer than usual. I am wondering, who are all these people and where are they going so early on a Monday morning?

Patrick’s backpack gets pulled for extra screening. He left an enormous Swiss Army knife in it. Good one, Patrick. The nice airport lady says he can mail it home for $10, but since his parents aren’t going to pay for that, he just lets her keep it.

After security, our next stop is Chef Jimmy’s for our traditional pre-Mexico trip breakfast. I order a mimosa like drink that has something red in it. I can drink champagne at 8 in the morning on a Monday, because I’M ON VACATION!

Karen sends me a text saying she is on the plane and taking off. She will arrive a couple of hours before we do.

We have just enough time to eat and get to our gate and then we are boarding. That is my favorite way to do it. Being a recovering fearful flyer I just want to get to it. Hanging around the boarding area is just time to get anxious.

The flight is uneventful and we arrive a full 15 min early.

This has been a good start to our vacation so far. We get through immigration quickly, we wait a bit for our bags and customs. We get the green light. I put on my shades, pull my big red duffel and drag my big red suitcase with four wheels and head for the doors. The sharks are out in full force. I don’t slow down at all and having shades on, they can’t make eye contact. My ducklings are following me, grumbling about how fast I am gong. I have this down to a science. I am briefly dismayed to arrive outside and not find anyone holding a sign with my name. A dude walks up to me and asks who my transportation is with. Ever suspicious, I told him, “Cancun Valet,” but wouldn’t follow him until the guy with my name sign showed up. We and our luggage were loaded into the van and within 25 minutes we were pulling up to the Iberostar Paraiso complex.

So far, so good.




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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I just got back from the Grand and had an absolutely wonderful time. I said hi to Daniel and Alex for you. We sat at the lobby bar one night and had a nice chat with Daniel and other guests. My husband told Daniel that he is famous because his picture is in your blog. The service at the Grand truly is a head above other resorts. Everyone was nice, friendly and professional. We filled our days with golf and activities. At night we enjoyed the a la carte restaurants and tried our best to stay up for the shows. We didn’t want to miss anything! Thanks to your blog I was well prepared and knew what to expect when I got to the resort. Your pictures have so much more meaning to me now that I can put them in context. Our friends and us have made a pack to go back to the Grand for another anniversary celebration. I can’t wait!

    1. I’m glad you had such a great time. The Grand is truly awesome. It’s a gesture place to go back to again and again.

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