Hasta la vista!

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Zung got up on Wednesday and took a picture of the last Zungrise. The sun was covered by clouds. I kind of like it when it is cloudy the day we leave. It’s like Mexico is telling me it’s okay to leave today. But, the sun would come out in full force today. (Mexico was saying, STAY!)

The time had come to end this vacation. Time to go home, go to work so we can afford to come back again. We had a sick dog at home. I didn’t mention this in the trip report earlier, but our 13-year-old dog got sick while we were gone. Her name is Sierra and we’ve had her for 12 years. She was a stray at the pound. I took one look at her and knew she was our dog.

She is the perfect dog (most of the time). Susie had called on Sunday to say she couldn’t walk. I told her they needed to take her to an emergency vet. It was frustrating trying to deal with it long distance. Susie didn’t want to leave her, but she clearly needed to be under constant care. Nicholas was at our house taking care of Sierra and her feline siblings and he had a bad knee, so he couldn’t carry her. I just kept saying, this is what you need to do. Finally they realized they had to leave her overnight at the emergency vet. She went to the regular vet the next day and they kept her for the day. She wasn’t eating or drinking and they had to give her IV’s. Nicholas took her home and she improved. She had vestibular syndrome. It gave her a head tilt, which made her look like she was really puzzled about something. She walked like she was drunk. She would sneeze and fall over. She is okay now. I know she is an old dog. But, really, not this year, okay?

We went to Bella Vista for our last breakfast with Alex. He had the present for me he had told me about. It was a little turtle, which was so fitting since I saw my first sea turtle on this trip. You can see I am also drinking a mimosa.  It was a mimosa kind of day.

I was so touched that Alex gave me a present. He also gave Zung a little horse with a bobble kind of guy riding it. We put them on our night stands and I think about Mexico and Alex every night when I go to bed.

I miss Alex. and Daniel. and Eduardo. and Carlos. and Humberto (who I didn’t even get to see this time). I wanna go back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, wait, I was finishing my trip report. Okay.  I’m okay now (sniff).

There was a coati outside Bella Vista. Zung took FIVE pictures of it. Really? We need five pictures of coati? They are cute, but not THAT cute.

After breakfast, Zung and I packed up our stuff. We then got a ride over to the shopping center to buy presents for the kids. We got Patrick a necklace with the Mayan calendar on it, Nicholas a ring and Susie a tanzanite ring. I try to make presents “equal” (when they were younger I would always make sure they had the same number of Christmas presents), and since we had spent less on Nicholas’ present we ended up giving him some rum we bought at the duty-free store. More about that later. Had I known how much he had been using my credit card back at home I would have kept the rum

We took a picture of the gazebo in the shopping center for the blog.

I have heard they have music sometimes at night here. The year Zung had his heart attack we said we were going to check that out. Obviously we didn’t that year, but somehow, we have not checked it out in the three trips we have made since.

We took some more blog photos.

The clinic.

The Maya. (You’ll see more of the Maya in my next trip report of our vow renewal in June of 2009).

The golf club. We’re not golfers. Can’t tell you a thing about golfing at the Grand (or any of the other hotels).

We went back to the room. Zung had taken a picture of this earlier. We had seen the butlers fooling around with balloons last night. I don’t know what it was for, but I’m guessing it was a request by a guest.

We decided to just hang out under a palapa until it was time to check out and go to lunch. We didn’t have enough time to change into our swim suits. Day 7.

Zero days left.

The day you arrive is happy.

The day you leave is so sad.

We took one last long look at our happy place.

Zung went to the room to wait for the bell boy to come get our bags (they call the day before to find out what time you want them to come – I always have to refrain from screaming, “Never! I’m not leaving and you can’t make me.”), and I went to the lobby to check out.

Check out was a little bumpy. When I had booked the trip, the hotel was running a $200 resort credit promotion. There was nothing about it in the paperwork I had gotten from Tami and when I asked her about it she sent me the blurb from Apple that mentioned it. I meant to print out that blurb, but never did. The credit did not show up on my bill and when I asked about it, the desk clerk didn’t know about it and said I needed a hard copy of the blurb. I had my iPad with me, but I couldn’t find the email with the blurb. I tried calling Tami, and she ALWAYS answers her phone. But this time she was at Jury Duty. The desk clerk tells me she needs the hard copy or she will have to pay for it personally. I’m thinking, isn’t this a resort credit? Shouldn’t the front desk know about it?

I finally found it in my email. I had to send it to the Grand’s email so they could print it out. Crisis averted. (I hate stress at check out!).

I walked back to Las Brisa and joined Zung for lunch. Alex never showed up while we were there, so we didn’t get a proper good-bye. One of the other waiters came up and said he remembered us from August and that we had our children with us and he remembered Nicholas and his tattoo. It’s an awesome tattoo to be sure, but I didn’t realize how memorable it was until so many people commented on it this trip. This is the upper part, the tiger.

He has added on to it and now it covers the lower part of his arm.

After lunch we went to lobby where our ride from Cancun Valet was waiting for us. They are always prompt. Damn it.

It had definitely been a thumbs up vacation. Best way to turn 50 that I can think of. Everyone should do it.

At the airport we checked in. Although my suitcase was a few pounds over the limit they let it through. I’m not sure how that is possible since I moved a bunch of stuff to another back. AND we used a bunch of sunscreen. Whatever.

Next was security and then we were in the Duty Free shop. The Havana rum beckoned to us. We resisted however. Don’t ask me why. I just wasn’t feeling the rum running vibe. We looked at some Ron Zacapa Centanario 23 year. It was $50 a bottle or 2 for $88. The sales guy came up and told us how good it was. We decided to go for it and took a bottle. Zung said, “Should we buy two?” I said no, since we had no idea how it tasted. The sales guy said, “You want to taste it?” They have a tasting bar with all kinds of tequila, but I didn’t think there was rum. And I was right. He took us over to the tasting bar, but only to get a plastic cup  and then he took us to the middle of the liquor area. There is a display in the middle and he squats down and opens a cabinet underneath. He reaches in and as he pulls out a bag he looks around. He then pulls out a bottle of the Ron Zacapa and pours us a little sample. Damn, it was good. It was almost as good as the Pyrat Cask 23. Yes! Sign us up for a second bottle.

After purchasing our rum we went to Bubba Gump’s. I got some clam chowder and Zung got a Mango Margarita. Both were quite good. The Margarita was huge. The chowder was spicy.

It was time to board the plane. Dave, our favorite Frontier flight attendant was working. It’s always a better flight when he is working.  We were in row 9, but asked if we could move up if possible. He got us row 1. There was some confusion about how many people were on board. They counted and counted and counted. They kept saying, “this many souls” or “this many beating hearts”. It kind of freaked me out. It was an infant that was messing things up, but it finally got figured out. Uneventful flight.

There was no line in immigration. The immigration dude asked what kind of liquor we brought back and where did it come from. I was relieved to say, “Guatemala.”

We breezed through Customs. We were home.


Next up is a report of our vow renewal trip in June 2009 at the Maya. I have to tell you though, this daily blogging is kicking my butt. I’m thinking 2 or 3 days a week will be more manageable.

Stay tuned…


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  1. Andrea…I will say ‘Thanks’ again for the wonderful reading. I am sitting here with my morning cup of coffee, first checking my email, and being happy to see the notification of an ‘update’. I can only imagine how much goes into the process, and as nice as it is for daily updates…I guess 2 or 3 days a week will have to do 🙂
    We are off in 11 days for our first Iberostar (Lindo) experience and all the info has and will be helpful. THANKS again!!

    1. Thank you. I love writing and I love sharing my experiences in Mexico. Good and not so good.

  2. Thank you so much Andrea for the time you have spent on this blog. The pictures and stories are so good. I feel like I’m on vacation every morning when I read it. So glad your dog is doing well, she is very cute.

    I have only been to the Grand once and I hated leaving. Eighteen more sleeps until we arrive! I will say hello to your LC and all your friends.

    Thank you again, and 2 or 3 times a week will be enough.

    1. I’ve done good then. : )

  3. 2 or 3 times a week would be great. Even as much as you go to Mexico that will “spread” the blogging out so we don’t run a risk of running out of “stories” 🙂

    1. If I run out I just have to go again!

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