Big Fat Fabulous 50th Birthday – Finale

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As I got dressed I stared in the mirror and could not believe what was staring back at me. That woman in the mirror is sunburned! How did that happen? It was my 6th day in the sun. WTF?? I was mad. I had been so careful to stay out of the sun between 11-3. I had been so pleased that I had not gotten at all red on this trip. Now this! I wish to file a complaint!

It was from NOT re-applying sunscreen after being in the water and then sitting in the sun for 4 hours during prime sunburning time, 10-2.

I was wearing a strapless dress tonight, so everyone would be able to see my nice red “glow.” I put on the birthday dress and the birthday shoes and the birthday bracelet, and turning 50 didn’t feel so bad right at that moment.

Off we went to dinner. We had reservations at Toni’s Surf and Turf. We arrived and asked to be seated in Karim’s section. Our first year at the Grand he was our waiter, twice, at the Italian. He was awesome. We asked for him the next year, but we kept missing him, as that year they were moving him around the different restaurants. We finally got to see him at lunch one day. The next year we saw him at lunch and in August he was our waiter at Tony’s our last night of vacation. The day we took the walk about we saw him walking down the road with some other waiters. He saw us and stepped forward and said hello. We told him we were eating at Tony’s on Tuesday and it was my birthday. He said he would see us there.

When we were seated he came up and said Happy Birthday. We ordered. I skipped an appetizer and just asked for a Caesar Salad. If you order a Caesar Salad they bring it with your main course, so I asked him to serve it when Zung had his appetizer, which was the Caribbean Lobster Cream flavored with Pastis and Spring Onion ( Lobster Cream Soup). We got a bottle of champagne. We both ordered the Surf and Turf and I asked Karim for a small filet. I find the portions overall to be way more than I can eat.

It was very yummy. For dessert we ordered the Soft Chocolate and Hazelnut cake.

It is a warm chocolate cake with a liquid center. It was good, but I was fading fast.

I had gotten up extra early, spent the day in the blazing sun, been extra active and I had not taken any naps. It was all catching up to me. I would have just gone back to the room and gone to bed (us old folks need our rest) if not for Daniel and his cucumber mojitos.

We bid good-bye to Karim and he told us to give our children his greetings.

We took a picture of the bathroom. This is the last bathroom pic.

We made our way to the Lobby Bar.

Daniel looked at me, winced, pointed to my sunburn and said, “What happened to you?” Nothing a good cucumber mojito won’t cure.

There were two couples at the bar that were on their honeymoon. The one couple was sitting next to us. They had been together 13 years and we all wanted to know what took them so long. She said they wanted to get their education and careers established. The other new “wife” said, “That education and career stuff? Way over-rated.” The couple next to us looked really young (i.e. much, much younger than us). They were just blown away by the Grand. They ordered lemon drop shots and then said, “For everyone!” Zung and I declined. I felt like I was going to fall over from exhaustion and I had bad memories of over indulging on lemon drop martinis combined with food poisoning. Not a pretty memory.

We said good-bye to Daniel. Hugs and pictures. We went out to the front of the lobby and asked for a ride back to our room.

One last birthday pic. (I love that dress. I got it from White House Black Market).

When we got to our room, there was a bottle of birthday champagne in a bucket of ice. I was all for opening it and having one glass, but Zung said we should just take it home with us. I was too tired to argue.

I was 50. I can’t think of a better place to turn 50. If you HAVE to turn 50, that is. Which of course is better than the alternative.

Here’s to all the awesome staff at the Grand that made my birthday week so great!

All that’s left is the going home day.


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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I have so enjoyed your blog and look forward to each day! Yesterday I turned 50 and in exactly 5 weeks from today my family and my sister and her family (9 in total) will be at the Grand for Christmas to celebrate various milestones including my 50th birthday. I will be sure to have a cucumber mojito in your honour!
    I have no doubt that your fifties will be fabulous!

    1. That sounds like an awesome family reunion. Happy Birthday and have a great time!

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