Big Fat Fabulous 50th birthday – Part Dos

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After our lunch at the Paa Mul beach club restaurant, we took some pictures.

The beach right there is quite rocky.

This is Zung standing in the restaurant, looking out on the beach. There are a few palapas and loungers, but very few, and they were all occupied, so we just walked around the beach and took pictures until it was time to get back on the boat.

These condos (or whatever they were) were next to the restaurant.

But most of the residents of Paa Mul live in palapas with RV’s attached.

We asked someone to take a picture of the two of us together, to prove that we were in fact there together.

We asked the people behind us on the boat to take a picture of us as well. They took four pictures, and even though they cut off part of Zung’s head in this picture, I like how happy we look.

We made our way back to the marina with lots of dodging and weaving and sprays of salty ocean water. It was definitely lots of fun. I haven’t decided if it was worth a day away from my beloved LC and the beach.

However, it’s good to start 50 doing something you’ve never done before.

Our ride was waiting for us. It was just us for the ride back. Our driver offered us lollipops, which I thought was kind of a cute touch.

Traffic was pretty heavy getting back to the hotel. I decided on the way back that I wanted a plate of french fries. It was only about 3 pm when we got back to the hotel, so we headed for Las Brisa. We passed Alex on the way. He was going home for the day, so we said we would see him tomorrow morning.

We took a picture of the waterfall and swans that are outside the outside Lobby Bar. That is the area behind the white fence-like area in the picture. We sat out there a lot in August.

At Las Brisa, Zung got a plate of food from the buffet and I ordered french fries.

And yes, that is a Havana and Coke in my hand. I was behind on my daily Havana quota.

Zung tried the other beer Eduardo had recommended, Victoria. He liked that one a lot.

We went out to the beach, but some weather rolled in and it was not pleasant to be out there. It was too early to go back to the room so we decided to go to the spa. We split up for some reason that escapes me now. I think I went back to the room for something and he just went to the spa. We agreed to meet at the spa. When I got there I could not find Zung. The one hot tub was full of people, but Zung was nowhere to be found. I went in the pool, which had finally warmed up enough for me. I did the various faucets and bubbles. Then I went in the hot tub on the other end (the one that didn’t have a bunch of people). I couldn’t really enjoy it because I was worried about where Zung was. He still had not shown up. I finally got out and was going to go back to the room and see if maybe he was there. Then I saw him. He was in a lounger outside. He had wanted to take a nap and said when he got to the spa, it was too noisy because there were so many people in there. He figured I would see him because he was right by the door to come in. EXCEPT I had come in the other door, and never saw him. Oh brother!

We sat in the hot tub together for a bit and then went back to our room. I talked to all the kids and took a picture of some people having a dinner on the beach.

We did a dinner on the beach once at Royal Hideaway. It was on our anniversary and the weather was perfect. There was hardly any wind. I remember the maitre’d saying it was such a clear night you could see Cuba, and he pointed toward Cozumel. I said, no, that’s Cozumel. He kept insisting it was Cuba. He was so insistent that I started to doubt myself. He sensed that and said, “You see those lights? That’s Castro’s house.” That’s when I knew he was just having some fun with me.

It had been a fun day. We still had dinner at Toni’s Surf and Turf with Karim, and drinks at the Lobby Bar with Daniel.


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