My 50th birthday-eve

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After the shoe photo shoot we went back to the room and got ready for dinner.

Dinner was at the Japanese restaurant again tonight. We asked to sit at a regular (a opposed to a hibachi) table. You can still order hibachi table food. it’s all the same menu. We had a different waitress tonight. She smiled a lot more than our waitress Saturday night. The Saturday waitress was perfectly nice, but very serious looking. A lot of times the servers call me, “Lady”, which always sounds funny to me.

Zung got the saigon roll for an appetizer.

I got the veggies tempura. Actually, I should say that Zung and I shared the veggies tempura, cause he ate half of it. Sometimes these are soggy, but tonight they were good. It’s an onion, zucchini, carrots, broccoli and I think a cauliflower. Zung ate those last two. I don’t do broccoli.

Zung got the chicken and filet temppanyaki and the fried rice. After having it at three dinners, I think he has met his quota of fried rice for this trip. (It IS really yummy). He got sauces with his food tonight. They didn’t give those to us when we sat at the hibachi table. (Frowny face).

I loved my dish. I got the Lobster stew with pineapple and red curry. It was delicious. (yes, I got the fried rice too).

For dessert, Zung got a cappuccino and the vanilla ice cream over sweet beans and coffee. The beans were real beans and they were in a syrupy sauce. He said it was good. I don’t do beans either and I for sure don’t do beans with my ice cream.

We took a picture before heading off to the Lobby Bar. It must have been cool that night, since I’m wearing that pink cover up thing. My Coach shoes got to join us tonight.

I can’t remember where exactly this bathroom is. I think it might be outside the Italian restaurant. Either that or outside the Japanese restaurant.

We went to the Lobby Bar and sat at the bar. When I saw Daniel I acted shocked. I said, “Daniel! What are you doing here? I thought Monday was your day off.” He just shook his head, like I was hopeless. I had been planning this all day and we both laughed.

I am sure he was off on Monday when we were here in August, and I had said to him a couple of times, wasn’t Monday his day off?

He made me my cucumber mojito and we chatted with him a bit. He keeps very busy and I asked him if they had two bartenders when occupancy was higher. He said no, he could handle it. He did tell us that they have another bartender in the back who makes the drinks for the waitresses. A lot of times when you order a drink at the tables, the waitress will bring the bottle of liquor that you requested.

We chatted with Karen, the single lady we had seen around all week. I am bad with names, but I remembered her name because it is the same as my best friend, Karen. (Seen in our August trip report).

The Star Friends came around and told us they were doing Casino night again. We passed We didn’t stay late at the Lobby Bar because we had to get up early the next morning. We were doing the Formula 1 Boat Adventure. I had booked through one of the playa sites and it had advertised that pick-up was at 8:30 am, but when I got the confirmation it said 7:30 am. I groaned and moaned about having to get up early on my birthday.

I couldn’t believe it would be our last full day of vacation. Does vacation time go faster than regular time, or is that just me?

My last day of being in my 40’s had been a good one. Now it was time to enter a new decade. Which doesn’t sound as bad as that whole “half century” thing.

After almost a week chillin’ on the beach in my favorite part of the world, I was ready.


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  1. My husband and I are leaving for the Grand tomorrow. Thanks for all your stories and pictures. You blog has been very enjoyable. We cannot wait to see it all for ourselves in a few hours! I’ll be sure to say hi to all your favorite people at the Grand and tell them I “know” Andrea.

    1. Have a great time (how could you not?). Yes,yes, please tell all my pals hello and I miss them!

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