Another Rock Star Moment & Shoe Photo Shoot Day

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I would like to say thank you to all the people who have left nice comments here and on Trip Advisor (I have some serious fans over there) and my other travel forums. I really appreciate that you take the time to write me a note. This blog takes a lot of time and it is so gratifying hearing that people enjoy it and find it helpful and it helps them anticipate their own vacation a little more. I am all about vacations and I love the vacations we take to Mexico. Love, love, love them.

One of the great things about writing a blog is being the boss lady of it. To the person who wrote the really rude comment, it is not posted on the blog because I won’t “approve” rude comments. It went in the “trash.” Really, life is too short, you should make better use of your time. As the saying goes, get a life.

Now on to positive things. The day started with another great Zungrise.

I love how it reflects off the water.

We did our usual breakfast with Alex. We took some pictures around the tranquility pool.

Requisite AI Giant Chess Board
Don't stand under this coconut tree

We went back to our building. We stopped and chatted with another guest for a few minutes and then started to go into our room. A couple came up to us and the guy introduced themselves to us, his name was Leo or Leon (my memory for names is so bad) and he said that he had just returned from Afghanistan and they saw my “website” (that seems like a big word for my little ole blog) and that’s what made them decide to come to the Grand, that’s what clinched it for them. OH MY GOSH! I couldn’t believe it. My blog had actually made someone decide to go to the Grand. It was so cool. They were from Canada and were there for 12 days.

Helllloooo! Anyone from the Grand management reading this?  How ’bout that next upgrade, huh?

We headed out to the beach and enjoyed our last full day of this view.

Looks like I am enjoying a Coco Loco. They don’t make them anywhere as good as they do at the Grand. Carlos had moved over to the area in front of Building 71 (he had told us this was going to happen). Our beach waiter now was the guy who we’d had our first day back in August. I can’t remember his name either, but I do remember it began with an R. He had been such a dud beach waiter in August, we had moved to the area in front of Building 71 and found the awesome Humberto. But “R” did a much better job for us this time.

When I saw our butler, he asked if we had gotten our champagne the previous night. I said yes, but it hadn’t been in the room like we’d requested, and we’d had to call the concierge for it. He frowned and asked if we wanted a bottle tonight. I said no, we were going to the Lobby Bar tonight.

At lunch, I had a Kobe burger with cheese (warning – the cheese doesn’t melt, it gets soft, but it doesn’t melt on the burger). It was okay. I remember the first year really liking the Kobe burgers, but they were never quite as good after that. The fries were good though. Zung decided to try one of the beers Eduardo had recommended. He asked Alex for a Negro Modelo.

Zung really liked it and has since bought some here at home.

I went off to find some dessert and when I came back another waiter was talking to Zung. He was telling him about an ice cream bar they had and Zung said, “Sure, it sounds good, I’ll try it.”

Magnum Ice Cream Bar

We returned to the beach and walked a bit down toward the other end of the Grand.


There is a rocky area that has a lot of tide pools and we saw this sea urchin.

Zung took a bunch of pictures of fish swimming in the tide pools, but you can’t really see them in the pictures.

We walked back and did the hard work of reading and drinking and laying on the lounge chairs, basking in the warmth of the sweet Mexican sun.

At the end of the day, I went up to our room and collected all my shoes. It was shoe photo shoot time.

It took a bit of experimenting to get the right angle. First I tried the classic feet at the end of lounge chair with ocean in the distance.

Then I tried hanging them over the end, but there was no ocean. I could have been in a sandbox for all anyone knew.

It was Zung’s idea to do them like this. I have to admit, this was “it.”

Mahnolo Blahnik's, acquired in Las Vegas at the Mahnolo Blahnik store
Christian Dior, acquired at Nordstrom in Colorado - Shockingly Comfortable
Mahnolo Blahnik, acquired at Neiman Marcus in Colorado
Fendi's, acquired at Saks in NYC with my BFF, Karen
Coach, acquired at Nordstrom Rack (I love a bargain!) Very comfy.
Cute Red Shoes With Black Bows, acquired at Nordstrom, Colorado

Heels are a must have for dinner, but for the rest of the day and of course for the beach, a girl needs some cute sandals. These are cute, for sure, but they did not play well with the highly polished marble floors of the Grand. Almost falling on your butt is so not chic.

Work Bonus Embellished Sandals, Nordstrom, Colorado
Cute Leather Flippies, Dillard's, Colorado (clearance)

My shoes were so excited to get to come out on the beach and to get to go to Mexico with me. I love shoes and I have a lot of them. But lest you think I only buy expensive, designer shoes, most of my shoes in my collection, were bought at DSW, and many of them were bought during those killer clearance sales. And there are still days when I don’t feel like I have just the right shoe for the outfit and my mood.

A girl can never have enough shoes.


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  1. WOW! You are brave. I would be afraid to bring those beautiful shoes to the sand! Love the Blog 🙂

  2. My fav are the Fendi’s.
    I love your trip reports! I like to wait until the little one is asleep, or on the rare occasion when he sleeps in, I can have a cup of coffee and enjoy your blog in peace.
    In 16 days we will be a the Iberostar Beach, not the Grand, but hey you have to start somewhere.
    Thank you for taking the time to blog, I know that it is time consuming, but it does give everyone who reads it enjoyment and our own little vacation. A special thanks to your hubby too for the pictures, they are beautiful.
    More, more, more, please!

    1. I love comments like this! Thank you.
      My favorite shoe changes with the newest one, but I have a really special place in my heart for the Fendi’s because it was a very special shopping trip with my long lost best friend. But that story is for another blog post.

  3. Thanks to playinfo I’ve discovered your blog and have to say it makes fantastic reading. It is currently cold & rainy here in England and your photographs take me to places I long to be. How anyone could find anything rude to post is beyond me.
    I thank you for sharing your experience and most especially your love of shoes, your devotion to them is awesome.

    1. Thanks. I’m so glad it helps take you to that wonderful place.
      Yes, I am a shoe gal for sure.

  4. The “R” waiter, was it Reyes? That’s who we always have when we sit in that section. He started off slow for us too but really improved the more we talked with him. By the end of the week he was perfect!

    1. I think that was his name. He was fine this time, but in August he really neglected our side. I don’t know what was up with that. I saw him make the rounds many times on the other side, but he kept skipping our side. One lady chased him down.

      1. Reyes was the beach waiter last December, a bit slow the first day but after some conversation and a few dollar tips he got much better. After that for 13 days he was Johnny on the spot with drinks, water, and occasionally unordered food if he felt I had put off lunch too long – looking forward to nachos on the beach in 15 days.

  5. Nice Feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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