Hearts and roses, but where’s the champagne?

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I’m drinking a homemade cucumber mojito as I type this. It is made the way Daniel makes them and it is good, just not as good as his (being at the Grand might have something to do with that…and the fact that it snowed today…really…snow… rude).

I did a walkabout the room and took pictures for the blog.

This is the sofa on the balcony. It is so comfy.

I like the swing.

When you go into the room from the balcony there is a chaise lounge on the left.

We have not ever sat on this. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t look very comfortable. To the right there is a table and two chairs (for in room dining, which we always do on the balcony).

There is a step up to the part of the room that has the bed (I guess this is what makes it a “jr. suite”). The bed is on the left.

There is the armoire that has two drawers and the tv and DVD player on the right. There is also a table that has a ceramic thingy. At turn down service they put scented oil and a candle in it.

You can see my assorted bags on this table. One day the maid decided everything that had been on one side of the room should be moved to the other side. Our maid was a little “anal” about how orderly and neat things should be. We must have had two, because they compulsively arranged things a little differently. In the bathroom they moved all my bottles and jars (and believe me, it takes a lot of bottles and jars to get from here to there) from being lined up like soldiers on one side, to all being on the little silver tray on the other side. I’m not that neat and it kind of gave me a rash.

There is some art up high on the walls.

There is a door between the main room and the “foyer” and bathroom.

The bag that is hanging from the doorknob is the bag that will have your newspaper (USA Today, Mexican Caribbean edition for English-speaking guests) in it and they hang that on your door in the morning.

To the right is the mini bar, to the left is the bathroom. Pictures of which you will see later in this post.

Remember, all these “rights” and “lefts” will be reversed in a mirror image room. Also, note that the floors are marble. They are very slippery when wet, so when you take a shower or bath — put down lots of bath mats so you don’t slip. Nobody likes to go to the hospital while on vacation. Trust me, I know all about that.

We got ready for dinner. Zung took a picture of me the last time I will wear this dress. I mean seriously, you can’t wear a dress this short when you are 50. But, tonight I was still 49, and could get away with it.

The shoes are my fabulous Fendi’s. I got them in New York when I was visiting my BFF, Karen. You can see pictures of her in my first trip report of this blog. I got them at Saks Fifth Avenue. Did you know that SFA shoe department has its own zip code? It’s true. It was between these and a pair of Ferragamo flats. It was actually a harder decision than you might think. Okay. the hard decision was the Fendi’s, or the Fendi’s AND the Ferragamos.

For those of you that are saying to yourself, “I could never spend that much money on shoes”…it’s only breathtaking the first time. It gets easier each time you do it.

But, again, I digress.

Dinner was at the Italian again with the lovely Eduardo. He told us all kinds of things about his family this night. His mother lives in Chichen Itza. His father works in Cancun and goes home (to Chichen Itza) on the weekends. His dad is a gardener for the city. His mom makes her own tortillas. I really loved when Eduardo would share things about his family.

I had the salmon carpaccio.

Zung probably had the calamari. No pictures.

I had the “Romaine Saltimbocca” which is veal. It is breaded, but ends up kind of soggy, but tasty.

Zung had the Ossobucco.

The Italian restaurant has gotten some critical reviews lately. It definitely isn’t as good as it used to be, but I have enjoyed our four meals here the last two times we have stayed at the Grand.

Eduardo took our picture.

I took a picture of the bathroom.

As I said previously, it was Daniel’s night off, so we skipped the Lobby Bar. We got a ride back to our building. First I took a picture of Zung in front of the fountain, and you can see the Maya in the background.

We got back to our room. Remember, we had asked our butler to have a bottle of champagne in our room at 8pm? That was the time we got back to our room.

We walked in to our room and I immediately saw we had gotten the “bath and rose petals.” In five stays at the Grand, this was the very first time we had gotten this. I don’t know if it is the butler, or the maid that decides to do this. It is very nice. There is a path of rose petals from the bath to the bed.

There was an elaborate swan towel sculpture with a heart made from rose petals on the bed.

Even if the butler arranges it, I’m sure the maid is the one who actually does it. It must take her forever.

There was a bubble bath drawn with rose petals on top. Look carefully at the level of the bubbles.

We came in, looked at all the romantic, and beautiful arrangements, and said, “Where’s the champagne?”

They had forgotten the champagne! The one time we asked the butler for something, it didn’t get done. No problem. I called the concierge and she had room service bring a bottle of champagne. It wasn’t cold though. No problem. We just drank it any way. There was no shortage of bubbles that night.

I got in the bath and turned on the jets. This is a report with a warning. Bubbles and jets equal LOTS of bubbles.

Do you see how the bubbles have increased a bit?

Then Zung got in. After a bit we realized we had better turn off the jets, because, well, see for yourself. LOTS and LOTS of bubbles.

It all looks very romantic when you first come in, but you are laughing your head off when you get out of that bath and are covered in a thick layer of bubbles. It was very memorable.

Tomorrow was our last full day on the beach.

Every trip we talk about “doing something.” You know, all those “activities. Visiting the ruins (loooonnggg drive in a van followed by a tour of piles of old rocks stacked on top of each other – have you ever thought about how those things got built pre-crane days, pre-anything motorized days? It’s humbling.), cenote exploring, snorkeling, scuba diving, ATV riding, zip lining. The list is endless. And pretty much all of these activities involve long van rides. With people you don’t know. Think about it. Carefully.

I used to be afraid of flying (I call myself a recovering fearful flyer) and we took LOTS of LONG car trips. I am so over long car/van rides.

But, we do think about doing “something”. We always do. Well, almost always. But Lounge Chair is a jealous love and doesn’t like me spending my time elsewhere. This time I was firm with LC. Just because I spend time elsewhere, doesn’t mean I love him any less.

We booked a Formula One Offshore Adventure (fast boats that take you snorkeling). I had wanted to do it Monday, so I could spend my birthday with LC and the beach, but they were full Monday and had to do it Tuesday. So, tomorrow, Monday, would be my last full day on the beach, and with LC.

(Shhh, I hadn’t told him yet. He gets emotional when I explain I’m leaving for a while).

Tomorrow would also be the shoe photo shoot day. Stay tuned.


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  1. The bath pictures are really funny. It must have taken forever to get rid of all the bubbles. We have not been treated to the rose petals and bath either. I am not sure how they decide to do this. What a nice touch.
    Do not, I repeat do not give up on the blue dress. You look great. I wish I could get away with shoes like that but at my height (5’10”) I would tower over everyone.
    Great pictures again!

    1. Thanks.
      We didn’t worry about the bubbles. I can’t even remember if they were still there in the morning. We have celebrated a couple anniversaries there and not gotten the treatment for that. I have also read about single women getting it, so it’s not a strictly romance thing. It was fun to finally get it and the bubble explosion was hysterical.

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