My first Boom Boom

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We were so proud of ourselves for taking such a long walk. Don’t we look proud?

But we had worked up quite an appetite with all that physical activity. Off to lunch we went. I had the Tournedos again. I had to stock up on ridiculously good lunch food in preparation for the long winter ahead of hospital cafeteria food.

After we finished with our lunch Alex came by with these.

This is a shooter that is commonly called either a Tequila Slammer or Tequila Boom Boom. It is made with tequila and lemon-lime soda and some grenadine. You (or more commonly, your waiter) covers the glass with a napkin, slams in down and then you are supposed to drink it all while it’s still fizzing. Then they put the napkin on your head (sometimes making it into a funny hat or shape) and shake your head back and forth a couple of times. It’s pretty common in Mexico and back during the heart attack trip our waiter at the Japanese restaurant did it with all the boys (Susie and I declined).

Alex slammed it down and then I drank it, but I’m such a light weight, I had to do it in two gulps. Zung was able to do it in one. I’m not a tequila fan (it all tastes like gasoline to me – and, NO, I’ve never drank gasoline, but I imagine it tastes like tequila). I’m a rum gal. I love me some good rum.

The best rum I’ve ever had been in a restaurant in Philadelphia. It’s called Pyrat Cask 23 (sometimes called Cask 1823). It was $50 a glass. It was so good. Worth every penny, but I don’t have that many penny’s in my rum fund, so it was a once in a lifetime experience. Until I saw a bottle in a liquor store when I went in to buy Zung some nice rum for his birthday this last June. Let’s just say, he got some verrrry nice rum. The thing about rum is, once you open the bottle, it starts to get “hot” and so you don’t want to let it sit in an open bottle too long.

But, I digress. Back to Tequila Boom Boom with Alex.


Awesome Alex


Alex is married and has two kids. He and his wife eloped because her dad said he couldn’t see her anymore. They’ve been married four years. Which is about as long as we’ve known Alex, so he must have been a newlywed the first time we met him. We look forward to seeing him every time we go to the Grand.

We returned to the beach. Some clouds rolled in.

They got darker.

They never carried through with their threat of rain though.

We went back to the room and enjoyed the view while we got ready for dinner.

It was Sunday and Daniel’s day off. We decided to skip the Lobby Bar (I hate breaking in new bartenders). We asked the butler to have a bottle of champagne delivered to our room at 8 pm.

The butler is always asking if there is anything he can do. This was one of the very few times we had asked for something. The results were a bit comical.

But, that’s for another post.



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