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It’s late and I’m tired, but thinking — “I have to do a blog post. I have a public, a following! They are disappointed when I don’t blog. They worry about why I’m not blogging.” The pressure makes me want to buy some shoes.

We left the grounds of the Beach/Del Mar and were out in the common areas. This is the convention center, which you will see when you enter the complex when you first arrive. It is very colorful.

This is the Lindo. We decided to walk back to the Grand through the grounds of the Lindo.

The Beach and Del Mar are pretty much the same property. I have heard that if you have reservations at one, you may be put in a room in the other. They share all the same facilities.

The Lindo is the next step up. It is more expensive than the Beach and Del Mar. If you stay at the Lindo you can use all the facilities of the Beach/Del Mar. The Maya is another step up, but the Maya and Lindo share most facilities. The Maya has two restaurants that only Maya and Grand guests can use. A Japanese and Gourmet restaurant. The Lindo guests can go to the Japanese at the Beach and it has its own Gourmet restaurant. Maya guests can use any restaurant at the Lindo and Beach Del Mar. Lindo guests can also go to the Maya bar. If you stay at the Lindo, I encourage you to check out the grounds of the Maya. There are many beautiful things to see.

Last year, during the swine flu scare, we had reservations at the Lindo for our “30th anniversary vow renewal trip”. Bookings were so low that Iberostar closed down the Beach and Del Mar and moved those guests to the Lindo and the Lindo guests were moved to the Maya. So, we got upgraded to the Maya. The Maya is a bit more expensive and with five of us, it is signficant, so the Lindo is the best value for us. The Maya rooms are a bit nicer. I will do a report of our vow renewal trip when I am done with this current trip report and will have pictures of the Maya in that trip report.

Now, on to more Lindo pictures. This is the outdoor area of the lobby. The actual lobby, where you check in, is indoors.

Lindo outdoor lobby

As you walk through the first part of the Lindo there are pools and fountains on both sides. I love the sound of the fountains. The walks are wood, but can get quite slippery when wet from rains. No running!

Some fountains and the buffet building. They have the buffet open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have only have breakfast and lunch here.

Same view, stepped back a bit.

Just after you pass the buffet building, if you take the path to the right, it will take you to the Maya grounds. If you keep on the path straight it will take you past the Child Care/Activity center. They have their own pool. I can’t tell you anything about it because my kids were way past this stage when we started visiting. I have seen the kids out on the beach with the child care providers and they look like they keep a close watch on them.

Child care/activity center

This is one of the MANY kitties on the Lindo grounds. These are wild kitties. They are not fat cats, like those in the US. They are lean. Some are friendly, some are vocal, demanding affection or food, some just want you (and your kids) to leave them alone to bask in the sun. If seeing all these lean kitties will bother you, don’t go to the Lindo. Many of the guests feed them. But they are still wild kitties. There are some kitties at the Grand too, and I’ve seen them at the shopping center. I usually sneak them some food. Susie said one of the staff reprimanded her for petting one of them. I think the staff is in a quandry about what to say. They know if you feed them, they will come back and some people complain about them. But they also know there are kitty suckers, like me. (“Oh look! There’s a kitty! Let’s pet it!)

Lindo Pool

As you walk the grounds of the Lindo, next you come to the awesome pool. First you come to the wave pool (no pictures cause I just can’t understand why you go to this most magnificent ocean with real waves and go to a wave pool — but if you have little kids, I get it), then the laaaaazzzzyyyy river (again, no pictures) and then the winding pool and requisite swim up pool bar.

Swim up bar

Isn’t the pool gorgeous? In three visits to the Lindo and Maya, I have never set foot in that pool. I have gone in the lazy river a couple of times, but never in the main pool. I decided I should remedy that.

Oooooohhhhhhhh! Kinda cold. That’s enough. Now I can say I have “set foot” in the pool at the Lindo/Maya (they share the pool, although the Maya has some little pools next to their buildings).

We walk back to the Grand. Ahhhhhhhh. The most beautiful view from the ocean front building.

It’s good to be “home”.

We head to lunch, where Alex will give me an experience I have never had before.


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