We manage to stay up past 10!

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We skipped the spa today. The “not” bath water temperature water was coming between me and my affection for the spa. Zung took some pictures for the blog. (He’s my official blog photographer).

This is outside the elevator on the third (top) floor of our Ocean Front Building.

I saw this couple doing a Trash the Dress photo shoot. The pictures are blurry cause they were pretty far away.

Dinner was at the Japanese restaurant again.

My blue suede and black leather Manolo Blahniks got to go out tonight.

I got these last year when I went to Las Vegas for my birthday on my first official girl’s trip with my friend, Erika. That trip deserves it’s own trip report. Thank goodness what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

We sat at a hibachi table. We had a bottle of the Antares Sauvignon Blanc. I had some Shrimp Niguiri for my appetizer. Zung got something, but he was slacking again and didn’t take pictures.  Doesn’t he know how much I depend on those pictures?! I do remember he got some soup in addition to his app.

There was a strong “breeze” from the fan above the hibachi. This helps keeps it from getting too hot during the cooking, but it was making it pretty cool before the cooking. The couple next to us asked for it to be turned down, but they were told it couldn’t be and so they moved to a regular table. When both sides of the table were filled, minus the moved couple, the chef came and cooked the food. They used to do show cooking, but the last several times we have eaten here the chef just cooked, there was absolutely no show. None this time either. I had the shrimp, Zung had the filet and shrimp. We had the mango sushi for dessert, but the mango was kind of dry. Alex later told us that it is not mango season. Even though we didn’t have any pictures to prove it, it was a good dinner.

One interesting thing about the Japanese restaurant, it is the only restaurant where there are female servers. Not sure why, but we did notice all the servers were women. The maitre is a guy though – Wilmer.

We were hoping to make the show tonight. As we headed toward the Lobby Bar we ran into some of the special dancer Star Friends. The one guy we’ve seen over the years and he has commented on my shoes. He gave me a hug and asked if we were coming to the show and looked at my shoes. We continued on to the Lobby Bar. They were going to have Casino night in the theatre before the show.

When I saw Daniel, I told him he was making my cucumber mojitos too strong. He gave me the “you’re such a light weight” look. Then he took out the cucumbers and asked me if I was going to have two or three tonight. I said, “One! I’m still hung over from last night.”

We hung out for a bit at the bar and at 9pm went to the theatre and played roulette. They had three tables, with Texas Hold ‘Em and Black Jack as well. I never knew roulette was so involved. I thought you just bet on one number and it seemed like that would be pretty bad odds. Now I understand depending on where you put your chip, you are usually betting on several numbers. They give you the chips and at the end, whoever has the most chips wins a prize. I won and the prize was a hat and shirt that says, “I am a Star Friends winner.” Of course the shirt was extra-large. I feel a little discriminated against as a “small” person. There were not a lot of people doing casino night and the Black Jack table was the most popular. We got to talk to the Star Friends a lot.

Eder was doing the Texas Hold “Em table, which had no people most of the time, so he came over and joined our conversation. Kris and Mineiro were at the Roulette table. Kris lived in Colorado for a while, so we talked about that. We guessed ages and Mineiro said I was old enough to be his mom. I wanted to punch him in the nose, especially when he said he was 33. I wanted to say, “Aren’t you getting a little old to be a Star Friend?” (I mean, come on, they play all day.)

Raspberries to Mineiro.

With the help of Casino Night, we were able to make it to the show, which was Las Vegas. There was singing and dancing and it was really good. The shows are very high quality. It was the only show we made it to. We were so proud of ourselves.

We took a picture of Zung’s watch to prove that we stayed up until 11:30!

Damn, this vacation rocks!

Tomorrow would bring more rock star moments.


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