My first Rock Star moments

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I woke up with a crushing headache. I treated it with some Tylenol and Nux Vomica (a homeopathic hangover cure). I went back to bed until the headache abated somewhat. Why is the day after always so painful? And why do we always say, “It didn’t feel like I was drinking so much at the time.” I suspected those cucumber mojitos were strong. I would have to talk to Daniel about that. Ugh. I wish I didn’t do it.

Zung was up and taking pictures of the sun and wanting to go to breakfast. I was wondering why we hadn’t ordered room service for breakfast.

Off to Bella Vista we went. We came across some kitties. I loved one of them up.

Shy kitty


There was a coati out there also. People would feed the kitty’s and coati’s food from the buffet.

This sculpture is outside Bella Vista.

Zung had the usual omelet and this luscious plate of fruit.

I think I managed to choke down a croissant. It was Saturday, which is usually Alex’s and Eduardo’s day off, but they were both working. I asked Eduardo when his day off would be and he said he wouldn’t get one this week. Daniel put in some overtime also. The reason was a huge wedding.


Wedding Set Up


This was in the lobby area of our building. We took a bunch of pictures of the ceremony, but I don’t feel right posting pictures of someone else’s wedding. You’ll have to take my word for it, the bride was beautiful, the groom was quite a bit older than her. Everyone wore white. One of the staff told us there were 150 people there. I think some of them were local. I was surprised that there were kids there because I had read in some Iberostar information that they don’t allow kids at weddings at the Grand. But this was a big wedding and lots of money was obviously spent, so I guess they bent the rules. The kids weren’t all over the place, just where the wedding festivities were taking place. They had a before wedding reception behind the chairs and then there were drinks and hor’s dourves right outside La Brisa and then there was a dinner inside Las Brisa (it was closed to hotel guests for lunch and they had Bella Vista open that day for lunch). I could see the tables beautifully set and decorated through the windows.

There was another wedding down at the Maya on the beach a little later in the day. We talked to that couple later in the week. They were staying at the Grand but most of their guests were staying at the Maya, so that is where they were spending most of their time. They sounded like they were ready for their guests to leave so they could enjoy the Grand.

We went to Bella Vista for lunch. I had the Grouper (fish of the day). Zung was obviously slacking since there are no pictures. It was seriously yummy. They also had a “Mexican Grill” set up right outside with food and drinks. Zung just wanted his shrimp fajitas.

We had dessert and the pink thing was very tasty. There was a white sponge cake inside and the pink was light and fluffy and it had tiny chocolate chips in it. I went back for seconds.




After lunch we went back to the beach. We are totally beach people. We almost never hang out at the pool. But it is a gorgeous pool. It is a saltwater pool.


Main pool


We prefer this view though.

The beach makes me feel calm and tranquil and zen. The pool makes me feel crazy and over stimulated. If you are into activities, the pool is the place to be. There is always something going on. Water aerobics, dance classes, ping-pong. They do play volley ball on the beach, and it was right in front of us and after a while I would want to yell – “Isn’t it time for this game to be over yet?” They were interfering with my zen.

This was the day I had my first Rock Star moments. In the morning when I was on the beach someone came up and said, “Andrea?” I had been looking out for a couple named Donna and Keith that I had communicated with a bit on Trip Advisor. But this was another woman (couple) I’d had some communication with. Her name was Cheryl and they were staying at the Catalonia Maroma. She had read my blog, so knew what we looked like. They had stayed at the Grand last year. The four of us chatted for a bit and then they continued on their walk. Zung and I talked, daily, about taking a walk to Maroma, but we never did it. Every time I tried to get up my lounge chair would pull me back.

A little later when we were laying on the beach a couple came up to us and she said, “Are you the famous Andrea?” This was Donna and Keith. I laughed at that one. By the end of the trip I did feel a little famous. I’m not used to being recognized by strangers. These weren’t my only “encounters.” We chatted with Donna and Keith a bit. They were staying at the Grand for their honeymoon.

Later in the afternoon, at about 4:30 we went to the main pool looking for cake. They are supposed to serve cake and coffee and tea there at 4. We looked for it most days and only saw it once. There was a guy with a cart right near the pool bar. We didn’t see any sign of it so we went to Bella Vista to have our own Afternoon Tea. The service was kind of slow. Zung thought maybe they didn’t have any coffee brewed and that was why it took so long to get our coffee and tea.

I took pictures of the tranquility pool for the blog. This one is looking at it from the end near Bella Vista.

The lounge chairs are on the left of the pool as you look at it from the Bella Vista end.

This is the other side, near the main building. We haven’t spent a lot of time here (remember, we’re beach people). It does seem very tranquil though.

Quite honestly, I felt hung over all day long. But it had been a gorgeous, sunny day. When  you can be hung over and lay on the beach all day, you have little to complain about.


Day 3 on the beach






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  1. What a great blog and wonderful pictures. I just had to look at it today because we had our first snowfall this morning. We are really looking forward to our trip to the Grand in less than two weeks. What a great place to celebrate your big birthday. I will be 50 in mid-December and my husband will hit the big one in mid-February so we are doing two trips to celebrate. I could not pass on another trip to the Grand and we are off to Maui in January.
    Thanks again for posting the pictures and writing about your experiences.
    Janette (or Ontario Sun Lovers on TA)

    1. Thank you. I enjoy writing it. Guess it’s the frustrated writer in me. The Grand is a great place to celebrate anything. Or nothing at all. Have a fantastic time there.

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