It’s all good, until the hangover shows up

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Zungrise #2


Oh my, is that not gorgeous?

Are you tired of this view yet?

I’m not either.

We went to Bella Vista for breakfast. Zung got his usual omelet and fruit.

I got the lobster blini’s. They were yummy, but be warned, they are very rich.

We chatted with Alex and Eduardo came by and said hello. Alex asked for an update on Hurricane Paula. She was hanging over Cuba. It looked like she made her way over the entire island.

I went to the hotel store and bought a bag for the beach. I justified it by saying it was more like a basket and I would put it in my bedroom and it would make me think about Mexico every time I looked at it. It was pretty sturdy.

We went back to the room to get ready for the beach and filled up our new beach basket with books and sunscreen and magazines. I briefly considered heading out to Building 71 so I could see Humberto, but it was too far away. Staying in Building 70 made it too convenient. Today was Carlos’ day off, and funnily enough, our beach waiter’s name was Humberto, but it wasn’t Humberto from our August trip. One year when Carlos was working another waiter came by when Carlos was on his break and that waiter’s name was also Carlos. Zung and I joked that they have a certain collection of name-tags and just have the waiters pick a name they like.

We enjoyed our day two on the beach. Looks like this picture was taken after Humberto made his first rounds.

Zung was enjoying relaxing on the beach too.

We went to lunch when we got hungry. I tried the buffet today. You all know what Zung had.

This all looked good but I can’t say any of it was very good. It was okay. It was buffet food. The guacamole was very good. I tried getting some when I got home from Whole Foods and it was a joke. It wasn’t nearly as good as the guac at the Grand.

I think I may have ordered a plate of french fries today too.

When we got back to the beach it quickly became overcast and windy. I wasn’t having fun so we went to the spa. The water in the big pool was still too cool for me but the hot tub was warm and toasty.

We headed back to the room to get ready for dinner.

Tonight we ate at Venecia, the Italian and requested Eduardo for our waiter. He told us a lot about himself and his family. It was such a treat. He said he likes working at Iberostar. I asked if his hours got cut when the swine flu scare happened last year and he said no, the employees with seniority had their hours maintained but the newer employees had their hours reduced.

I have no pictures of our food. Zung must have been slacking. I do remember I had the fettuccine, which I’ve had before and loved. Zung had fish and said it was good. He would often ask the waiter what they recommended.

I was drinking Antares Sauvignon Blanc, which is a nice, light white.

Eduardo also recommended Zung branch out in his beer selection and told him a couple other brands that he likes that he thought Zung should try. Zung did try them and liked them a lot. Modelo Negro and Victoria. Zung bought the Modela when we got home.

After dinner we took pictures of my shoes.


Manolo Blahnik


Then we headed to the Lobby Bar. We wanted to see the show tonight.

When Daniel saw me he went behind the bar and then came out and said he couldn’t find the cucumber. It turned out his boss had eaten it. I said, “What am I going to drink?” I settled for a Havana and Coke. Zung had a Margarita.

There was a lot of activity behind the bar. Daniel and Ahleli and another employee were conversing and it wasn’t long before Daniel came out from the back carrying a cucumber.

Daniel is the man!

He made me a cucumber mojito (CM) so I quick drank my HC and Coke. Those CM’s go down way too easy. And Daniel won’t let you sit there with no drink in front of you. Halfway through the second one I decided we were not going to make it to the show. We took a golf cart back to the room. I had consumed three drinks in a pretty short period of time. I was barely feeling it. I thought it was that old “I live at high altitude so when I am at sea level I can drink ridiculous amounts without feeling it.”

Yea, right.

We were in bed by 9:42 – Zung took a picture of the clock to show how we are so not a hard, late night party couple.

I tried reading, but the words wouldn’t stay still. I went to sleep, only to wake up about an hour later. All that alcohol had hit my system and I wasn’t feeling so good. Everything was spinning. I was okay, just not feeling the way I like to feel.

The hangover the next day wasn’t so fun either.

Damn Daniel.


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