My first cucumber mojito of the trip!

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I have to backtrack a bit. I can’t believe I forgot to write this, I had planned it for so long. It will sound familiar to some of you, forgive me, but it is so accurate about how I feel about spending all my days on the beach. It’s what happens when you have a “special relationship.”

Remember this picture from a couple posts ago?

Happy Andrea

The reason I am smiling is because I am reunited with my secret love, “lounge chair.” When I laid down on LC he whispered in my ear, “Where have you been? I missed you. I’m so glad to see you. I am so sad when you don’t come visit me. Your body feels so good against mine. Stay with me all day. Never leave. We were meant to be together.”

Some people give me a lot of grief about going to Mexico and not doing anything but laying on the beach. LC is a jealous love though. LC is not tolerant of my attention going elsewhere. I can’t bear to disappoint LC. And so I come, day after day, and try to please my secret love.

This time I will tear myself away, but that’s for a later post.

Back to Day 2. We had just left the spa. When we returned to our room we found a beautiful fruit basket that Victor had brought.

They are gorgeous, but we don’t eat much out of them and I feel bad about food being wasted. I think this may be the first time we’ve gotten a fruit basket at the Grand. I know we got them at the Lindo, but I don’t think we have ever gotten one at the Grand.

We also found a mini bar fridge full of Coke.

They obviously noticed this was the one thing we used and wanted to make sure we didn’t run out. That would have been a lot of rum and cokes!

We showered and hung out on the balcony and enjoyed our magnificent view. I took the swing and Zung took the sofa.

I am wearing the robe provided by the Grand. On a kind of funny note, after a few days they put one pair of slippers in our room and then the next day put two pairs in our room. I think they are supposed to be there when you arrive, but, better late than never.

Our maid that day was a little obsessive. She zipped everything that could be zipped. Every zipper on our backpacks (and there are many!), my purse, my sunscreen bag, another bag I had sitting out. She tidied that room to within an inch of it’s life.

We got dressed for dinner and Zung took pictures of me and my shoes.

These are my birthday shoes. They are Christian Dior and I got such an amazing price on them I was tempted to go back AND get the Christian Louboutin’s I’d had my eye on. I didn’t want to be greedy though, so I just enjoyed the great sale I’d scored. I can wear these beauties to work. They don’t look like it, but I wore them for eight hours one day, and I’m on my feet most of the day. The thing about killer heels is you can never tell which ones will be super comfortable.

We walked over to L’Atelier, the gourmet restuarant. Our reservations were at 6:30, the first of the evening. The waiters were all lined up at the door. We were seated by the window. When we were here in August we had Raul for our waiter here and he did an awesome job of making Mayan coffee. We saw him in the elevator one day and told him so. He said he was doing room service and mini bar stocking now. It seems like some people get moved around a fair amount and others do the same thing at the same place.

We both had the Lobster and Seafood Salad over Wild Asparagus (I wonder what makes it wild?).

It looked and tasted as good as it did when I had it in August.

I will mention that Zung was awesome about remembering to take food pictures. I was always ready to just scarf it down and he always remembered pictures.

For main courses I had the Mullet Medallions in Lasagne with Zucchini and Shrimp. The fish was so tender.

Zung had the Perigor Grilled Beef with Mushroom patties. I have no idea what Perigor means. He said it was yummy. I don’t see any mushroom patties in this picture either.

Zung had the eclairs and I had the Apple Tatin,

Zung got the Mayan coffee, but it didn’t taste as good without the show.

We left and took pictures of us and the bathroom.

L'Atelier Bathroom

I took a picture of Zung and one of the big wooden horses that is at the end of the “great” hall of the main building.

I took a picture of my shoes walking to see Daniel at the Lobby Bar, in anticipation of my first cucumber mojito of the trip. They were excited to go on this momentous excursion (hey, some people go to the ruins, I go to the Lobby Bar).

We arrive and take our seats at the bar. Daniel goes in the back and comes out with a cucumber and a big grin. It was borderline obscene. I watched as he made it because I wanted to try his way at home. He purees the cucumber with Havana rum and adds that to the muddled lime. mint and simple syrup. Then he tops it off with club soda. He tasted it before giving it to me.

Daniel makes a mean cucumber mojito.

I like Daniel because he is such an awesome bartender. But I love Daniel because of the way he talks about his son. His face lights up and you can tell he takes a lot of joy in him.

I took a lot of joy in that cucumber mojito.

Eder, one of the Starfriends came by and we chatted with him for a long time. He’s 24 and has a LOT of energy. I guess you have to, to be a Starfriend. They go from about 9 am until the wee hours of the morning.

It had been a productive day. We had laid on the beach, gone to the spa, eaten three meals and drank lots and lots of drinks. We would do pretty much the same tomorrow.


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