Hurricane who??????

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The weather was awesome! You would never believe a hurricane was threatening the day before. I hung out in the sun for a while. Zung hangs in the shade. At some point I went up to the room so we could see where our room was.

These two guys carrying a sign walked up to the lobby area of Building #70 and hung out there for a bit. We took a picture and asked Alex what was up. He said it was for the Mexican census.

Zung ordered a Corona.

Photo opp!

Having a good time!

I sat in my lounger and enjoyed the view. And what a view.

For those of you who get to enjoy this view every day, get down on your knees and thank the universe for that gift.

Zung asked me what time lunch was and I replied, “When we are hungry.”

We were hungry. We went to Las Brisa and requested Alex’s section. He brought us a Havana and Coke for me and a Corona for Zung.

Lunch Libations.

Zung ordered (drum roll please…………) shrimp fajitas.

I ordered the tournedos, medium rare with french fries. It was perfecto!

I work in a hospital. Every other Monday we have Spaghetti, Tuesday we have French Dip, Wednesday we have Enchiladas, Thursday we have Tacos, Friday we have Fried Shrimp (I was really excited about that the first few month – a few years later, not so excited). you get the picture. Some days I want to cry from the monotony and lack of good food. Having a perfectly cooked filet with the best french fries ever was such a treat.

At Las Brisa you can order off the menu or go to the Buffet.

The Buffet has different entrees, chips, guac and sauce, soup, pizza, a roast something or whole fish, cold veggies, sometimes sushi, all kinds of breads, rice, potatoes, desserts, ice cream etc. I have already said how I feel about buffets, but the chips, guac and sauce was awesome. I got some guac when I got home and it was pathetic. Why is guac better in Mexico? (I can’t believe I just wrote that).

We returned to the beach. It was just as amazing as before lunch.

When we got tired of the beach (yea, right) we went to the spa. The spa has a large pool that is usually the temperature of bath water. Not this time. It was cold. Too cold for me. We spent some time in the hot tubs, which were comfortably toasty, but not “drop your blood pressure” hot.

This is the pool/hot tub from the end where you are looking at the health bar and bikes for the spinning classes. See that area near the bottom of the picture that looks like two parentheses? You stand in that and push the red button and the is a festival of bubbles that come up from the bottom.

This is the pool looking towards the end where behind that lattice is the entrance of the spa. You can see the giant faucets on the right that pour water on you in a variety of pleasurable ways.

These are the doors into the gym, IF you are so inclined. I’m never inclined because exercising is one of those things I don’t do on vacation (like wearing a watch or carrying a purse). But I knew for the sake of the blog I needed to take pictures. They are quite beautiful doors. Rather deceptive if you ask me. Come check out what is behind beautiful, intracately carved Door #1 and 2.

Ha ha ha. It’s a gym. Fooled you. The chamber of tortures.

Seems like it would meet the needs of people who feel compelled to excercise when they are on vacation. I personally have never experienced that need while on vacation. Thank goodness.

The spa has some nice art.

Art in the spa.

There is actually beautiful art all over the place. Pictures of it all could be its own blog.

The chandeliers are impressive as well.

There is this great domed ceiling that they partially open up on nice days, but can close if it is raining.

As we walked back to our building we saw a variety of wild life.

Green lizard.

It seems that when you are at the Grand, everywhere you turn, there is another spectacle for the eye.


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