Seeing many friends and buying jewelry

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We tried to take a picture of the room number. It didn’t work but you can see my cute red shoes. These were the first of 6 pairs of heels I brought. I try to limit the number of shoes I bring to 5 pairs. But the shoes that get left at home get jealous of the shoes that go to Mexico. This time I tried to spread the love and attention a little more. Six pairs of heels and 2 pairs of sandals.


Room 7046 - cute red shoes


We walked to Bella Vista. There are covered walkways most of the way from the ocean front buildings. It wasn’t raining, but the ground was wet. We were seated by the window and our waiter came over. It was Eduardo, who had been our good waiter at the Italian restaurant on our August trip. We had the good waiter (Eduardo) and the bad waiter (“No, the fettuccine is a main course, not an appetizer”). Eduardo remembered us, and we would see him every day this trip. He always came over and talked to us. We learned a lot about him.

We ordered champagne (we were feeling festive) and went to get some food because we were really hungry. Our last meal had been breakfast at Chef Jimmy’s. I don’t think the bag of pretzel M&M’s we shared on the plane counts as a meal.


Zung hits the Japanese station.



I got grilled lobster and steak, which sounds impressive, but was still buffet food, IMO.

I also got some gazpacho, which is hard to find at the Grand (oddly enough). They served the soups in martini glasses and the display was impressive.


Colorful soups!


It was the yummiest thing I ate.

Zung went back for seconds (he always does).

He got a grilled filet. I can’t remember if we had dessert, but I would be surprised if we did not. However, Zung did an awesome job of remembering to take food pictures and since there is no picture I think I might have been saving myself for the lobby bar type of desserts.

While we were eating, a couple approached the window and the man knocked in it and waved at us. “Who, on earth, was that?” (Me).

“I think that was Ralph.” (Zung).

“I thought they were leaving before we got here.” (Me).

We had met Gina and Ralph when we were here in August. Go back to that trip report and you will find pictures. I knew they were coming right before us, but expected them to be gone when we arrived. Long story short, their flight got cancelled because of the Hurricane that wasn’t. Gina said she was very impressed with the way the hotel handled the possible impending hurricane. (How come the hurricane couldn’t have affected us THAT way?)

We agreed to meet in the lobby bar later.

Eduardo took a picture of us.

And we took a picture of him.




I will tell you right now, there are an abundant number of pictures from this trip. I am trying to make up for the dearth from the heart attack trip.

We headed off to the Lobby Bar to reunite with Daniel.

We walked through the hall of the main building where there are many beautiful orchids.



The hall to the lobby area is exceptionally beautiful as well.

Next stop, the Lobby Bar.

But wait! What is this? Why, it’s the jewelry store. Is it a coincidence that it was on our way to the Lobby Bar? I think not! The last trip I bought tanzanite earrings, to go with my tanzanite necklace. They (the necklace and earrings) had told me they felt strongly that a tanzanite bracelet would complete the set.

What? Your jewelry doesn’t talk to you? I bet your shoes don’t either. Well, I have an excellent relationship with my jewelry (and shoes) and we talk all the time. And I’ll tell you, when your jewelry (and shoes) talk to you, you better listen.

It was my 50th birthday trip, after all. The shoes I bought had been an awesome sale. Jewelry was definitely in order. (I was going to milk this 50th birthday thing for all I could, I mean, it only happens once every 50 years, right?)

The jewelry store dude recognized us. I scanned his wares and my eyes fell on this beauty.

It was sparkly. I like sparkly things. The shape of the tanzanite stones would go well with my necklace. I tried it on. Jewelry store dude gave me a price. I asked him to come down (I had a price in my mind). He said the price I had in mind. Deal. I don’t feel like either one of us need to break a sweat to feel like I got a good deal. All I want is a good price. I handed over my Visa and Zung took a picture for the blog.


Jewelry dude


Next stop – Lobby Bar and our amigo, Daniel. I asked Daniel if he would be able to make me a cucumber mojito the next night and he assured me he would. He doesn’t normally keep cucumbers at the bar. He doesn’t normally make cucumber mojitos. But, for me, he does. Tonight, I settled for a Havana Run and Coke. Zung got a regular mojito.

I don’t have a picture of her, but Ahleli, the most awesome Lobby Bar waitress was there and greeted me with a big hug.

When Gina and Ralph showed up we hung out with them.

Gina got an appletini and they put it in this very cool glass.

We headed back to our room because we were tired. I took a picture of the bathroom by the Lobby Bar because, weird as it sounds, the bathrooms are cool and picture-worthy.


Lobby Bathroom


When we got back to the room there were t-shirts (large) and a bottle of tequila.

There was also a tray with some sweet treats on it that appeared to be little apples for Apple guests.

I was full, but Zung is never full and he ate both of them. Said they were tasty.

After the stress of the day before (do we go? do we not go?), today had been a simply awesome first day of vacation.

Tomorrow I would find out someone I thought was dead, was alive and well and serving drinks on the beach.


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  1. First, I would like to say how much I am enjoying your blog and that everyone is healthy (what a trying experience to go through, you are a very strong woman) Thank you for all of your time and effort you put into this. I am addicted..!!! My husband and I will be taking our first trip to the Grand in Nov. Very short trip, 3 nights. Unfortunately we will not be able enjoy all of the dinner options. We will also be arriving on a Wed. and being as it is International night I was wondering, do they close the other restaurants on that evening? We are about to send our email to request dinner reservations and don’t want to waste anyones time if they are closed that evening. Also any suggestions on a room or bldg request? We are booked in a standard room. Thanks again and looking forward to the next entry!!!!!!!!

    1. I believe there is one restaurant open the night of the International Buffet, but it may rotate, so just ask which one is open. All the restaurants are good, so you can’t go wrong IMO. I like Building 72, but both of those rooms were Ocean View. I would wait and see if they offer you an upgrade. If you ask for a building without ocean view rooms they may not upgrade you, thinking you really want that building. Have a great trip!

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