Just a pretty boring day-thank goodness

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The morning routine was the same as yesterday. When I got to the hospital, Zung and I went for a walk. He was allowed to go out in the hall today. The hospital is kind of round. The rooms are built around a courtyard, so we walked around the hall until we got back to his room. Then I did the bank/ATM and Starbuck’s run.

When I got back to the hotel I first went to my room and had a good cry. I’d had a few before, but this was a really good one. Then I found a note from the concierge under my door asking me to call them. I went down to their desk and they told me the Apple rep had called and my husband wanted me to come back to the hospital. I had my cell phone with me and this time had the presence of mind to have the concierge call and he was fine. It was another miscommunication. At least I learned my lesson from last time.

I found the kids on the beach and as we were heading back to the rooms I stopped and turned to look at the ocean “one last time.” I really believed at that point that I would never go back to Mexico. It had just been too hard to go through this in a foreign country. Well, you know that didn’t last. As I got some distance from the event I realized it was just an overwhelming experience and I love Mexico. I really, really love it there. But at that moment I felt like I was saying good-bye to Mexico.

Before we went to the hospital, Nicholas and I went over to the shopping center so he could get a necklace. Last year I had bought a really gorgeous tanzanite necklace and had hoped to get earrings to go with it this trip. Zung at one point asked me if I had and I told him no, I really didn’t want anything to remind me of this trip. I still remember what I wore the day he went to the hospital and every time I wear that shirt and sweater, I think about that day. Even two years later. Might be time to burn those.

We went to the hospital, the taxi driver waited. Zung was doing really well and would be ready to go home tomorrow, which was our scheduled day to go home. One of the other doctors came by to see him. He had also checked on Zung regularly during his stay. I never got his name though. I have already mentioned how I think the doctors are more formal in Mexico. Zung said he felt like they use their senses more too. In the US it seems that doctors rely so much on tests and labs and scans. Zung said that when Dr. Basave would listen to his heart, he would spend a long time listening and then explain what he had heard and what it meant. Just another “how they are different” observation.

The taxi driver took us back and told me it was $100. I told him no one else had charged me that much and he said it was because he had waited and I told him others had waited. I gave him $90. I was really mad. I couldn’t believe someone would try to take advantage of someone who has to go to the hospital on their vacation! This guy was definitely the “ugly” if the good, the bad and the ugly taxi drivers.

We had dinner at the Italian. I went to the Lobby bar and got one last Havana and coke. he filled the glass almost to the top with rum. It basically had a coke floater. It was too much though, I couldn’t drink it. I ended up pouring it down the drain. That made me sad, pouring Havana down the drain.

I packed up all of Zung’s and my stuff and went to bed. I was feeling slightly stressed about getting everything coordinated tomorrow. I would go to the hospital in the morning and the kids would wait until our private van came to the hotel after lunch. We would all meet at the airport. Getting this part right turned out to be the easy part of our last day.


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