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After 13 trips to Mexico I think I have learned a thing or two about proper packing. I have not yet taken the “carry-on” challenge. I briefly considered it for our upcoming trip. It was not the possible limit on the number of shoes that I could take that convinced me not to try it though. It was the 3 oz limit. They say you should put on at least an ounce of sunscreen when you apply, so even if I only put it on once a day, that would be 7 ounces. I’m picky about what kind of sunscreen I use. I don’t like sticky stuff. So, there you go. No carry on challenge for me.

Lots of sunscreen is necessary. I have found you really need less clothes than most people think they do that first trip. You do need at a minimum two bathing suits. One to wear and one to dry. I usually take three for variety. I take a different dress for each night at dinner. I like to get dressed up, so this is certainly not a requirement. You need shoes for the beach (or pool, if you are a pool person). I take two for variety. I usually take 3 or 4 pairs of shoes for dinner. But, that’s just me and my shoe thing. One pair of neutral shoes would do if you are not into shoes.

You really don’t need a sweater for night-time. I’ve been there in February and December and I never felt cool enough for any kind of cover-up in the evening. You do need one or two cover-ups for the beach though. The lunch restaurants at the Grand require you to be covered up. If you are just going to hang at the beach or pool then you need a couple of pair of shorts and shirts for breakfast. Some people wear their bathing suits and cover-ups. I like a little more variety, but this would help get more shoes in your bag if you are going to do carry on. If you are going to do excursions you will need clothes for that. It depends on the excursion what you would need.

The Grand has very nice robes in the rooms, so that is one thing you can leave at home.

Oh, and take good sunglasses (I took cheapo  ones once and had to buy a visor the first day). I think a hat is a good idea too. The sun is intense and if you want to read comfortably on the beach you will be happy you took a hat. Plus, your head can get sunburned.

Some Aloe Vera is a good idea. I take a personal pharmacy. I take Tylenol, Motrin, Bendryl, Immodium, Tums, Zantac and all kinds of homeopathic remedies. The most important homeopathics are Nux Vomica for excessive eating and DRINKING and Arsenicum for food poisoning. I also take Immunity Take Care for coldish type viruses and Ocsillo for fluish type viruses. If there is something you typically use at home I would recommend taking it because some things can be hard to find in Mexico. I had a heck of a time finding Bendaryl when Patrick had a rash. Antibiotics? Viagra? Valium? No problemo. Benadryl? No, we don’t have that.

Happy packing!


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