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How did it get to be Sunday, our last full day? Better make the most of it. There was breakfast and the familiar trek out to the beach. I went to book the family plan of massages. I would go first at 10 am and Susie would get hers at 2 and the boys at 4.

Zung and Susie went to go parasailing. I’m thinking that is something I will never do. I don’t like flying unless I have LOTS of metal around me. But they were up for it and said it was fun.  The guys running it made Susie practice her Spanish. There is a palapa hut at the end of the Grand that is where you get the kayaks and catamarans. Those are included in the all-inclusive. The jet skis and parasailing and banana boating place is allllll the way at the end of all the Iberostar hotels, probably a 15 minute walk. They were able to pay by credit card. Zung said the fees were posted so he didn’t try to do any bargaining. It was $122 for the two of them and they were up in the air for about 15 minutes. They take you out to the boat and back on a jet ski.

They got some great pictures.

Waiting to go out on the jet ski.
Susie on the boat.
Yea, I'm really gonna do it! (Nervous smile).

Up they go!
You'll only get this view up here!

Fun, fun, fun!
Self portrait.
View of the Grand.

Meanwhile, I was getting a massage. I got hungry during my massage and when I went back to our chairs the awesome Hermando came by and I asked him to bring me some chips, guac and sauce. He also brought nachos and cheese. It was a great mid-morning snack.

When Susie and Zung got back the three of us went for lunch. Susie got an interesting combo of foods.

She really liked those mini key lime pies.

There was a kitty outside and she smuggled it some food.

We returned to the beach to wait for the boys and Susie waited for her massage.


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