Wine and French Fries for Lunch and Champagne on the beach

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The kids joined us.

Susie rocks!

Usually Susie would read and the boys would, uhhh

Recovering from previous night's all-inclusive revelry.

Nicholas demonstrates what happens when you work in the yard without a shirt and try to apply sunscreen by yourself. He also demonstrates how good sunscreen works. The darker part was very red the day he did that. he tried to even it out by putting different strengths of sunscreen on the two areas, but you can see the success of that.

Susie and I went in the water.

Then she made funny faces.

I enjoyed being in my happy place.

Andrea's happy place.

Zung and I went to lunch. Alex was not there yet so we sat by the window. Zung asked for a Corona and I asked for a glass of white wine. Our waiter said, “I will bring you a bottle.” He brought an ice bucket that hung on the table and he did bring me a full bottle. Goodness, did I look very, very thirsty? When they do that I feel like I have to drink a lot or they will feel bad. I did the best I could. I was feeling pretty mellow by the end of that lunch. Zung, of course, got shrimp fajitas. I ordered french fries. I don’t think this would have phased Alex, but remember, we were new to this waiter. he looked at me and said, “Just pappas?” Si. Wine and french fries for lunch. How decadent is that? They were delish.

We rejoined the kids and watched the sky start to turn.

I was feeling decadent after lunch and when Hermando came around I asked him to bring us a bottle of champagne. He brought the champagne in an ice bucket, buuuuuttttt, he bought plastic tumblers to drink it with. Totally was not fulfilling my fantasy. I had seen people with bottles of white wine with proper glasses, so I don’t know what was up. He didn’t uncork it either. Bummer. I figured I could do it. Champagne often uncorks itself. I tried working out the cork but the top part broke off .Then it started sprinkling, so we decided to move the party to the spa.

I made a detour to our room to get a corkscrew I had brought “just in case.”


Susie wasn’t in to it.

The boys were.

The rain certainly didn’t dampen our day.



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