Lotsa Lobster-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Saturday morning was another beautiful day. We started the day off with Mimosa’s.


The orange juice still didn’t seem quite right. Karen had gotten some for room service when she has been here and she had reported it as delicious as ever. But it didn’t seem like real juice to me. There was no pulp and it didn’t taste like fresh orange juice. The champagne however helped it go down.

Lobster is abundant at the Grand. For breakfast you can order Lobster blini’s off the ala carte menu. I ordered this the last time we were here. It was served on toast and had a spicy creamy sauce with big caviar on it.

Lobster blini in Feb 2009

I ordered it today and it was a little different. I requested no caviar. It came on thin pancakes and it didn’t have the spicy, creamy sauce. It was a bit dry without sauce so I asked Alex for some sauce. He brought me two types of creamy sauce, one with vegetables, one without, but neither spicy. Still, you can’t really complain about lobster for breakfast.

The first year we were here (June 2007) we couldn’t get lobster except at the Surf and Turf. We were told it was not in season. I felt like it was unacceptable to have it on the menu and then tell people it wasn’t available. They must have gotten a lot of feedback about that because it has always been available since. You can get it for lunch. In past years it was available at Las Brisas, but this year it was at Bella Vista. It is on many of the dinner menus as well. If you wanted you could eat it for every meal. It is a toss-up whether my favorite is at the Japanese restaurant or at the Surf and Turf.

We definitely filled our quota for lobster while we were there.

I went to the lobby to change some money and I took my iPad. It connected to the internet as I was walking in the hall. From then on I could get a connection at Bella Vista, in the lobby area but not in our room. I will have to check on what’s up with that next time. I do know you can get a cord and password for wired internet in your room.

This is looking at the outside of the Italian restaurant.

We headed out to the beach. I never get tired of the view.

The cruise ships pass by.

I ordered a Coco Loco when Hermando came around with cold water.

I read my book and drank my Coco Loco.

Does it get any better than this? (Wasn’t that a beer commercial?)

I better be careful. Too many of those Coco Loco’s and I won’t be able to keep wearing a bikini without getting cited by the bikini police.

Va Va Voom!

There would be champagne and rain later today.


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