Good-bye Karen and a quiet day

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This day started out like most of the others: discovering a beautiful, sunny day (the drapes in the room block out ALL light, so you have to get up and open them to see what it’s like outside), breakfast at the buffet, (it was Alex’s day off), off to the beach. The water was very calm.

I made sure I hydrated.

We always took a bottle of water out with us and then Hermando (or whoever was beach waiting) would start the morning by bringing by cold bottles of water.

We chatted with the people next to us, a brother and sister. We took their picture and they took ours.

Karen came out for a bit (that picture was in my last post).  Too soon it was time for her to go to the lobby for her ride. She and I met in the lobby and Zung and Susie joined us. Karen had one last glass of Havana siete on the rocks.

Saying good-bye sucks.

After she left Zung and Susie went to Las Brisas for lunch. I went back to the room for lunch. The room service menu has an avocado and prawn salad that is just to die for and I like to lunch in the room once and order it. I made myself a Havana and coke and ordered it and it was quickly delivered. I sat out on the balcony and ate it.

Vacation is the best.

I returned to the beach and the five of us hung out for the afternoon. We ended our day at the spa and then returned to the room to get ready for dinner.

Susie and I coordinated our outfits.

Dinner was at the Italian restaurant, Venecia again. We had a better waiter this night. It probably helped that I didn’t make him nuts by trying to order a half of a main course as an appetizer. I just ordered the fettucine as a main course this time.

Susie made goofy faces.

This is a hideous picture of me, but I had to include it because it’s a great goofy Susie face.

We ordered the Mayan coffee again, but they had the bartender make it behind the scene and those who got it said it wasn’t as yummy as the night before.

I don’t have a photographic record of anything we did that night after dinner. Like I said, it was a low-key day.

We would make up for that the next day. Only two full days of vacation left. Have to make the most of them.


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