Magnificent Mayan Coffee and Ibeostar & the Internet

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Raul brought over a cart with all the Mayan coffee fixin’s. These pictures don’t do it justice, but it was an awesome show.

First he sugared the rims of the glass mugs by dipping them in blue liquid and then sugar and then baked it on with the flame.

He poured the liquors into the gravy boats and lit them on fire.

He then poured them back and forth and the flame traveled up the stream of liquid.

The show was drawing a lot of attention from the other diners.

He then poured the liquor into the mugs.

Next he poured the coffee into the mugs.

Then he scooped ice cream into the drinks.

He then balanced teaspoons on the rim of the mugs, poured Xtabentun into them and then lit them on fire. Then, and only then, did he serve them.

I’m not a coffee drinker, but everyone who had it said it was delicious. We noticed several other tables ordered it.

Raul took our picture and I left him a big tip.

Susie and I.

Who has the hotter shoes? Yea, I thought so.

Gratuitous shoe shot.

We all gathered in the outdoor lobby bar for Karen’s last night.

I went to get my iPad to show Karen. There is supposed to be WiFi in the lobby but I wasn’t getting a signal. We moved in to the internet room. If you are outside in the lounge area there are two doors to exit. One takes you into the atrium (that is the one right next to the jewelry store) and the other door is between the jewelry store and the pool table room. Next to the pool table room is the internet room. There are 2 or 3 computers there. We took my iPad in there and still couldn’t get a signal and then w took it into the lobby and still, no signal. We later heard that the internet was down for a couple of days. Karen had to just take my word for it how awesome it is. I love my iPad.

Zung and Susie went back to their rooms and it was just Karen and I and the boys. Liquor makes for loose lips and we had a nice chat. I wasn’t up for a repeat performance of the previous night, but it was near midnight before Karen and I called it a night.

The turn down maid left me a little birdie. Susie would see it later and confiscate it and make it hers.

I will say that there have been trips to the Grand when we did not always get turn down service. We would if we remembered to put up the “Make Up Room” sign. This trip we never put up that sign but always got turn down service. They take away used towels, take away the rugs next to the bed and replace them with white cloth things. They turn down the covers and put out the robes and there is a thing on the table that they put scented oil in and a candle to diffuse the scent.

Karen reported that when she had checked in her butler had said if she wanted a bath drawn just let them know what time. She requested it her second day at 5:30 for when she came back from the beach. There was no bath that day. The next day she asked again for 11:30pm and left a tip IN the jacuzzi. There was a bath then. I have often read about surprise baths with rose petals, but we have personally never gotten this. I think this is one  of those things the butler does or does not do in our case. Sounds like a nice touch.

Karen would leave the next day. I was really, really glad she had joined us.

Best Friends Forever

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