Daniel – the Best Bartender Ever

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Karen, Zung and I hung out at the outdoor lounge. Nicholas and Patrick joined us. Nicholas and Patrick bagged the idea of going to Playa del Carmen. Nicholas decided to make a video with his iphone. Is that phone great or what? I love mine. I don’t remember the specifics, but somehow Karen put on my shoes. These are very special shoes. I call them my Rockstar shoes. Really good shoes give me super powers. These are really good shoes. I remember Karen and I moving to the sofa by the window that looked into the jewelry store and her using her foot (with my shoe on it) to point at the store and we said something clever. I put Karen’s shoes on. They did not give me super powers. That must be the explanation.

Karen's foot in my shoe.
My foot in my shoe (at a different time).

Karen later told me this was the first time she realized shoes can really step up an outfit.


(For those interested, the shoes are SohoZigi and came from DSW – what I affectionately refer to as the Shoe Temple).

We hung out outside for a while. I then decided I wanted to do something that I have wanted to do for over a year. I wanted to go to the bar and try every rum they had. We all traipsed inside. There were not a lot of people in inside lobby bar. The show was probably still going on. This seemed like a great time to do this rum tasting. We sat at the bar and Daniel, the lobby bartender, came up and asked us what we wanted. I said, “I want to try every rum you have.” He looked at me like I had grown a third eye. He ended up putting out four rums to taste: Havana Club Siete (the standard bearer). Bacardi Solera (I have already tried it and it’s quite good, especially for the price), Ron Matusalem and Flor de Cana 5.

Rum tasting

Nicholas was there to record this momentous event for posterity.

See Nicholas' hand holding his iphone?

Truly and honestly, I LOVE Havana Club, but they all tasted pretty much the same.

Maybe starting to have had too much?

I want to be clear about the amount of rum I consumed. These were only half shots. If only I had stopped there.

Gina and her husband came by and joined us.

Gina and Andrea

They watched me taste my rums. I must have been feeling really good, because I handed Daniel a $20 tip. Talking made me thirsty, so I ordered a Havana rum and coke. Before I was finished drinking it, Daniel was making me another. I knew I’d enough and thanked him and said, “No mas.” He was making everyone drinks before they were finished with the drink in front of them.

Nicholas and Patrick had left at some point and then came back. They told me they were heading over to the disco. Now this is the part I don’t remember…they claim I slapped them. I don’t remember it and Karen doesn’t remember it, but they swear I did and then there was the picture I don’t remember. Based on that evidence, it was hard to refute.

Backtracking a bit, Karen, Gina and I were talking and drinking and Zung and Ralph were at the other end of the bar, talking and probably not drinking as much. A large group of people came in and sat at our end of the bar.They were kind of rowdy.

Daniel was pouring me another rum and coke! Hadn’t I told him “No mas” after the last one. Yes. I’m sure I did. But he was just being a good bartender and I had given him a pretty good tip (which he must have thought meant, when I say no mas I really mean one more….my Spanish, it’s not so good). I didn’t want to be rude, so I was drinking it.

It was near midnight when we decided to call it a night. Gina and I took pictures because they were leaving the next day. Reportedly the rowdy people at the end of the bar wanted to take pictures with Daniel and somehow we got pulled in to this.

First the ladies.

I sure look like I'm having a good time, don't I?

Then the guys.

The next part is very clear in my memory. I reached for my half drunk rum and coke to take with me as we said good night. Zung said I had had enough, and truly, I couldn’t argue, so I left it. Karen and I traded shoes, so now I had my Rockstar shoes. I’m sure you noticed, my Rockstar shoes have impressively high heels. I knew it was not a good idea to try to walk back to our room in my “over-served” state with these very high heels. So, I carried them. We said our good-byes and walked back to the room.

The turn-down maid had left a lovely swan-heart sculpture with rose petals. We took a picture and then I picked up all the rose petals and put them on the table. Zung filled out the room service breakfast menu.

There is no breakfast menu on the room service menu. They just leave a card for you to fill out and leave on your door. They are very accommodating though, so I imagine if you forgot and called them in the morning and asked them to bring you something I’m sure they would. There are many choices on the card. We ordered a continental breakfast for me and wrote in mango juice  (I was trying to get my yearly dose of mangos while we were here), Zung ordered an omelet.

We got into bed and I went to sleep. Some might call it passed out. But it’s all semantics, isn’t it?

This is me the next morning. I don’t look hung over, do I?


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