Lunch, Karen, and Haiku (the Japanese restaurant)

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Twelve noon rolled around and still no kids. I decided to hike back to the rooms to check on them. In the middle of the night I awoke around 4 am (I’ve had insomnia for decades) and thought I heard them come in (the boys, Susie went back to the room after dinner). They would later claim it was around 2 am. I made my way aaaaallllllll the way back and found the maid cleaning their room. How could I have missed them? I walked the path they must have walked. So I walked back to the beach and there they were.

Are they all gorgeous or what? Am I allowed to say that?

I had missed them because they had been at Las Brisas for lunch.

Reassured that they were alive and well, Zung and I went to aforementioned Las Brisas for our lunch. We asked to sit in Alex’s section. Zung ordered shrimp fajitas (remember this, there will be a quiz later on Zung’s favorite (only) lunch selection. He also ordered a Corona. That will also be part of the quiz. I ordered the Kobe burger. In past years this has been awesome and underwhelming. It was pretty good this year. I also ordered my first Havana rum and coke.

Corona and Havana rum and Coke
The famous shrimp fajitas.
Kobe Burger (also on the room service menu).

I ordered my Kobe burger with cheese. A word about the cheese in Mexico, it doesn’t melt. (I’m talking about the yellow cheese squares).

Lunch was great and we got a couple bites of deliciousness for dessert. They usually have an excellent selection of small desserts that are the perfect size for trying one or two. Susie raved about the tiny Key Lime Pies.

We returned to the beach. Nicholas had bought a pair of “Prada” sunglasses for $10 or $20 from one of the beach vendors. Throughout the day they will walk by several times. They sell, sunglasses, cigars, “silver” jewelry, sarapes, jewelry, whatever. If you give them an opening they will come up and show you their wares, if you ignore them, they will just keep going. If you accidently make eye contact, a simple “No gracias” or shake of your head will keep they going. They are not aggressive, they are just trying to make a living.

The kids hung out for a bit.

Nicholas became know for his tattoo.

They each have tattoos for the year they were born. Nicholas has a Tiger, Susie a Dragon and Patrick a monkey (a fierce baboon).

Susie and Nicholas started talking about going to the spa to work out. The spa has a workout room. I’m not really sure what is in there because working out is one of my vacation “don’ts”.  Well, they “did.” When I’m on vacation I don’t cook, I don’t make my bed and I don’t exercise. They found the facilities adequate.

I continued to read, order drinks the few times our lame beach waiter came by, and enjoy being in my favorite place.

My BFF, Karen, was joining us today. She was flying in from NYC. I expected her around 4 or 5. At 6:30 we were meeting one of my “online buddies” at the Lobby Bar. At 4 pm I headed back to the room to transform myself. Karen apparently showed up shortly after I left. She was staying in an Ocean Front room. I had prepped her that Ocean Front guests do not check-in at the lobby. They are whisked away to their Ocean Front room by golf cart and are checked in, in their room.

She called me in my room after being unable to locate it and we agreed to meet in the Lobby Bar at 6 pm. I hadn’t seen her since early April, so I was excited to see her.

Andrea and Karen's reunion champagne

Karen arrived. Then Zung and the kids arrived. Now, this is a party!

I was looking around for “Salesmom” from Trip Advisor. I thought I saw her and her hubby at the bar and went up and introduced myself and asked them to join us. We chatted a bit and then we had to leave for dinner. Our reservations were for 7 pm at the Japanese restaurant, Haiku. Reservations are for 6:30, 7, 8:30 or 9. The times you prefer may fill up during times of higher occupancy, so plan accordingly. You can make reservations in advance of arriving by email. I usually just make the first couple nights reservations by email.

The Japanese restaurant, Haiku (see menu on menu page) has hibachi tables and regular tables. The hibachi tables have areas for two people to sit, three couples around each grill and two grills to an area. I think they have four of these areas. I had chosen the time when Karen was with us to eat at the hibachi tables so we would have the right number of people. Over our four visits to Haiku, the chefs have done varying levels of “show” cooking. This year there was not much “show”, it was just cooking. I ordered lobster and the fried rice. The fried rice is really good. I also ordered sushi. I ordered two different kinds and thought there would be just one piece of each, but there were three large shrimp and several pieces of tuna. It was all good. I have previously ordered the veggies tempura which were pretty oily and soggy. Someone got them this year and said they were good. I have also ordered the filet, but they don’t cook it to order and always overcook it, so I now just stick with the lobster.

There was lots of talking at dinner.

Aren’t they gorgeous? Did I say that already?

For dessert Karen and I got the Mango, which was tasty, and the imperial rice things, which were not.

We took pictures in the front of the restaurant.

The shoes I am wearing are Coach. They come in at a 4 inch heel. They are so comfortable. I can wear them all day at work, and I am on my feet most of the day. They are not only gorgeous, they are smart too!

After dinner Zung, Karen and I went to hang out at the outdoor lobby bar area. This is the only designated smoking area, which we didn’t like. But it is outside and you can hear the waterfall, which we did like. It was never very crowded, so the smoke was never bad. It is right outside the jewelry store and the room where the pool table is. We had some drinks, talked and then agreed to meet in the morning.

I told Karen to look for us in front of Building # 71. I wanted to see if that area had a better beach waiter. The short answer is, it did.


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  1. Yes, you have a gorgeous family! And everyone is very photogenic. I love your blog, it is the highlight of my morning. Thank you for putting in the time and effort. I cannot wait until we go Dec 5-19th. I also love your pictures. Again, thank you.

  2. I’m with Zung…the only thing I ate each day was the fajitas…but I would get chicken and shrimp mixed.

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