Beauty and the beach waiter-BUST!

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Once we were appropriately suncreened we packed up our beach bag with books, magazines and water. We had to walk all through the main building.

Walking through the hall is such a visual treat. There are elaborate chandeliers and beautiful orchids and the floor is patterned marble. Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to see.

One chandelier
Many chandeliers
They are all over the place!

We walked down the two flights of stairs and walked out past the spa building. There are covered walkways on both sides of the main pool that helps keep the heat down and protects you from the rain. We walked past the main pool and stopped at the towel hut. The towel hut has towels, as many as you want. I would get a big pile of 7 or 8 for all of us. And there are NO towel cards! (If you are new to all-inclusives, most give you “a” towel card and you use it to get one towel at a time and you have to turn the towel card in when you check out or they will charge you $20. At the Grand there are no towel cards and no limit to the number of towels you can have.

The towel hut also has magazines, books and sunscreen. We walked out to the beach and went in front of building #70.

This is the beach in front of Building #71

The nice, padded, wicker loungers are here. We have never had any trouble getting these loungers, but today the towel game was in full force and while most of the loungers were not occupied by actual bodies, they were all reserved. It was not yet 10 am. WTH?

We headed down to the next section and found first row loungers almost at the very end, nearest to the Maya. There are palapas with a table built into the middle  and they put two loungers under each palapa. They are pretty far apart so you don’t feel like you are on top of each other.

As the chairs started to fill up I dragged some over for the kids. They had not made an appearance yet. By later in the day all the chairs in this section were occupied or reserved. It must have been pretty high occupancy because I have never seen it this busy.

We settled into our chairs and took in this absolutely gorgeous view.


Now this is being on vacation!

We took out our books and waited for a beach waiter to arrive. On out two previous visits we had an awesome beach waiter named Carlos. He disappeared the day before we left and I couldn’t figure out what happened to him. Someone posted that he had passed away. This made me very sad because I loved seeing his smiling face.

This was the awesome Carlos.

I don’t know what time our beach waiter came out. I do remember he brought out cold bottles of water first and I ordered a Coco Loco and Zung ordered a Mojito.

First beach drink

I don’t remember our beach waiter’s name. He was, in a word, terrible. I was out there from about 10 am until 4 pm and he only came by 4 times. He had both sections in front of Building #70 and I could see that he was going to the other section much more frequently. We tip for every round of drinks, but maybe there were bigger tippers on the other side? One lady had to chase him down to give him a drink request. I decided that we would move to the other section the next day. If I don’t have an attentive beach waiter it makes me grumpy. I know I am high maintainance. That is why I go to the Grand and pay what it costs to stay there.

Although it makes me grumpy, it certainly didn’t ruin my day. We read and enjoyed the view and watched the people walk up and down the beach. I went into the water.

It was like bath water it was so warm.

Zung got this very cool picture.

Objects are not as close as they appear.

There is an area at this end of the beach where you can go onto the water without worrying too much about the rocks. As you go south, away from the other hotels there are a lot of rocks in the water and you probably wouldn’t want to go in past your knees. If you keep going and go a bit past the end of Building #71 there is a really nice area where you can go in.

A lot of people hang out at the main pool. There are all kinds of activities going on with the Star Friends. The Star Friends are the activity team. They often will come by the beach and chat with people. We prefer the quiet and beauty of the ocean, so that is where we spend all out time.

We waited for the kids to show up. It took awhile.


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  1. Hi Actran,

    Just love ALL your reviews and ALL the super great photos!
    We just did the Iberstar Rose Hall Suites in Jamaica….last October, just beautiful and lobster was plentiful there too, even on buffets!
    This year the family wanted back to Mexico. We always go to the IB Tucan/Quetzal, because we just love that hotel so much! However, for a change we’ve booked the Barcelo Tropical/Colonial….hope it’s not a mistake. ***WE have never been to a resort with lots of walking, so don’t know how it’ll go.
    We’ve wanted to try the IB Lindo, and Tami mentioned it has more walking!
    I sat and read your story of when Tran got sick, and it had me in tears. God bless you for being so strong.
    Thanks again for the reviews/photos.
    ANN from MA (not Cape Cod ANN)
    P.S. Oh, and you looked just fine in the photo without make-up…..that’s what beach vacation is for, to ENJOY! LOL

    1. Thanks Ann. Have a great time at Barcelo.

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